Men's Hairstyles

In order to keep your look up-to-date and fresh as a man, it’s good to try a new hairstyle once in a while. Whether your hair is short, medium-length or long, there are undoubtedly many different men’s hairstyles that suit you. Check out these beautiful haircuts for men and boys and get inspired before your next visit to the salon or barbershop!
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  • Comfortable haircut with layers and finger drying for men
  • Men's hairstyle with very short sides and a stand-up fringe
  • Men's hairstyle with the hair cut short around the ears and longer on the crown
  • Men's haircut with clipped up back and sides and a longer crown section
  • High and tight haircut for men
  • Very short men's haircut with the hair buzzed high and close
  • Easy men's hairstyle with hair that flows over the ears
  • Medium length men's hairstyle with jagged lines that cover the forehead
  • Long layered hairstyle with a rugged appeal for men
  • Long layered haircut with razor texturing for men
  • Short men's hairstyle with the hair slicked back with gel
  • Short men's haircut with faded sides and sideburns
  • Men's hairstyle with sideburns and gelled up hair
  • Layered and razor-cut men's hairstyle with asymmetry
  • Men's hairstyle with layers, long bangs and maximum lift
  • Classic short men's haircut with a lot of texture
  • Shag hairstyle for men that covers the ears and neck
  • Masculine clipper cut hairstyle with the hair tapered closely around the ears
  • Men's haircut with closely clipped sides and long bangs
  • Layered hairstyle with heavy bangs for men
  • Long hairstyle with irregular hair lengths for Asian men
  • Gentlemen's haircut with short sides and more length ini the crown
  • Short men's hairstyle with clipper cutting around the ears
  • Neat masculine hairstyle with short back and sides and longer top hair
  • Surfer look hairstyle with long top hair for men
  • Long hairstyle with curls and volume for men
  • Male short back and sides haircut with jagged bangs
  • Short hairstyle with glam finger waves for hipster men
  • Short and easy going haircut for modern gentlemen
  • Long blonde hair for a man
  • Male hairstyle with curls
  • Wet look hair for men
  • Buzzcut for young men and boys
  • Mullet hairstyle for men
  • Male hair with curls and shaved sides
  • Haircut for black men
  • Short hair with curls for men
  • Long layered cut for men with natural curls
  • Mens hair with lots of curls
  • more men's hairstyles

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