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Hairstyles Autumn-Winter 10-11

Pixie cuts
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This collection from the stylists at Top Model Coiffure is a set of high-energy, larger-than-life looks that showcase color, texture and silhouette. The over-arching theme of the collection seems to be the creation of cutting edge looks that provoke a visceral response.
These are not the looks for the average woman. The woman who rocks these looks wants to have all eyes on her, but she rarely cares what the viewer thinks of what they see.

Pixie Cut for Black Hair

Pixie cut with point-cut layers for black hair
This gamine-short cut gives the air of a tomboy crossed with rocker-chick. The deeply point-cut layers frame the face beautifully, drawing focus to the eyes. The natural onyx of the hair is warmed up with streaks of cinnamon.
The styling is versatile. It can be blown-out to a diffuse halo for softness or plied with wax or other products for an edgier, more-defined texture.

Back-combed Hair

Back-combed blonde hair with volume
In an expression of boldness and creativity, this up-style forms an amorphous silhouette that frames barely contained chaos. The platinum hair color forms a backdrop for the facial features allowing the drama of the make-up to shine without it having to be overdone.
The hair is back-combed to create volume, and the volume gives softness and fullness to the shape.

Pixie Cut with Volume

Blonde 1980s inspired pixie cut with volume
The geometric silhouette and deep-cut points give texture to this short 1980s inspired look. The pale-golden blonde with platinum highlights makes for a soft palette of color, against which the model's ice-blue eyes glow.
The styling is obviously a matter of pumping the volume of the wedge-cut layers, and creating a bend in the forelocks.

Long and Carefree Shag Cut

Long shag cut with carefree styling
Modern longer hairstyles
This long, shag cut with deep points and gradient layering creates a dynamic look. The styling is wild and carefree while maintaining a lightweight sensibility in the cutting lines. The look is edgy, yet it keeps a sense of romance as the lengths trail down the back.
The look can be easily achieved via a blow-dry with volumizing product using a vented brush followed up with a dab of smoothing serum to create definition in the locks and help sharpen the ends of the hair around the face.

Daring Hairstyle

Medium length black hair cut with tiers
This daring and bold style starts with a basic blunt cut and is sculpted by the creation of "tiers" in the out layers of the hair. Each level of the hair is precision cut to provide a crisp, clean cutting line.
The layers are clearly defined and create a sculptural style that is very modern and edgy, without seeming too "off the wall". Styling is best accomplished by blow-drying with a flat brush and following up with a flat iron to smooth the hair and keep the lines sharp.

Ready-to-Wear Hairstyle

Carefree and ready to wear short hairstyle wit razor cutting
Carefree and casual, this short hairstyle is built on a razor-cut bob with box-layering designed to leave the hair looking unstructured and organic. The look is ultra-modern and very, very feminine and suited to any situation. A true ready-to-wear look that can be dressed up or down according to the needs and whims of the wearer.
Style the cut using a blow-dry with a large, round brush and volumizing product to create the overall shape of the silhouette. Finish the look with styling wax or pomade to give definition to the choppy layers and provide some malleable hold that can be retouched through the day (or night).

Blonde Razor-cut Hairstyle

Razor-cut shoulder length blonde hair
The unstructured, razor-cut hairstyle with lots of interior layering offers just a hint of wildness and randomness in the look. The pale blonde color is the perfect echo of the glowing days of summer and the cut allows versatility in styling, from a smoothed, polished look to the roughed up wildness of the more casual style shown above.
The look shown can be achieved through a blow-dry styling with a flat brush and the fingers used in the latter third of the drying process. Using a styling mousse will give a soft look with enough volume to make the hair feel full.

Naturally Curly Hair

Long and naturally curly red hair
Trendy haircuts for long and short hair
Naturally curly hair is often the most problematic to cut and style, yet this look is almost foolproof. The largely blunt-cut style is gently tapered at the ends to create a balanced silhouette, and the interior is carefully textured to manage the bulk of the hair.
The not too structured cut makes the look easily adapted to all curly hair types. The styling uses a diffused dryer with a smoothing product to create defined, crisp loops, and minimize frizz.

Short Tousled Hair

Blonde bob with point-cutting and tousled styling
This chic, glam-rock look begins with a blunt bob base, and then is point-cut dramatically to create deep layering and energy in the style. The overall look is diffuse and is styled to maximize volume and movement in the cut.
The hair is blown-out with a flat brush and firm hold styling product, such as a styling wax and is manipulated in the latter third of the drying process with the fingers to create the tousled, edgy look shown here.
Hairstyles: Top Model Coiffure
Photography: Studio Didier Michalet & Karen Firdmann
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