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Ponytails and Pigtails

Celebrities and Ponytails
Photos of celebrity hairstyles with a ponytail.
How to do a Poof Ponytail
This ponyatil style is pretty easy to achieve, provided you can get comfortable with the techniques of styling it.
How to Make a Good Ponytail
Learn how to make nice ponytails, high on the back of the head or low at the nape of the neck.
Ponytails and Baseball Caps
Everywhere we look today, we are seeing women of all ages wearing a baseball cap with this thing we call a ponytail sticking out of the wee opening in the back of the cap. Forget about the lovely contour of a head, as the cap is pressed down tightly and rests very closely to her ears, everything looks quite flat.
Ponytails, Pigtails and Topknots
The basic ponytail styles and the variants for them. Not just for little girls, but for anyone with long hair.
The Best Ponytail in New York City
Best ponytail contest - New York City.