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How to Braid Hair

Braided hair

How to do a Half Mohawk with Braids
Step by step instructions for a half mohawk with braids. A look with a side-swept fringe and curls cascading down the face.
How to do a Medieval Queen Braid
Tutorial for a Medieval Queen Braid. Braided updo with colored hair extension strips and a tiara.
How to do Cornrows on a Short Angled Bob
Cornrow braiding for a short angled bob. Tutotial with illustrations.
How to do the Romantic Side-Braid
Step by step instructions for a romantic side-braid. A braid that runs across the forehead and down the shoulder.
How Make a Four-Strand Braid
Step by step instructions for a four-strand braid with hair extensions. With braids crossed over each other at the back of the head.
Hairline Braid with a Twisted Bun
Step by step instructions for a hairline braid with a twisted bun. All hair is styled away from the face and ears, leaving the face open and fresh, creating a youthful appearance.
Braided Sections
A popular style for summer for women with long hair because it allows the air to circulate to the scalp and helps to keep the wearer cool.
French Braid
Styling techniques for a French Braid, also called Invisible Braid or French Plait.
French Y-Braid with Chignon
Simple variation on the classic French braid. The French braid technique is being used to create an interesting hairstyle with a simple finish.
Multi-Braid Mixed Style
A complex and intricate braided hairstyle that can be accomplished in less than half an hour.
Rope Braid
Styling instructions for the Rope Braid, a variant of the French Braid.
A Brief Look at Braided Hair
If your hair is long enough for a braided hair style, you shouldn't be afraid to wear it. Braided hair can be functional as well as flattering, and can serve you well in a wide variety of situations.
Benefits and Consequences of Dreadlocks
Here are some pros and some cons if you are considering dreading out your locks so you can either keep going or stop before it may be way too late.
Hair Braiding Videos
Instructional videos for hair braiding. Learn how to do a French braid, spiral braid, milkmaid braids, cornrow braids and more.
Books about Hair Braiding
A selection of books about hair braiding, with samples and how to instructions. Reference guides for students and hairstylists, but also braids anyone can do.
Braiding Tools and Accessories
Tools and accessories for hair braiding. Automatic braiders, braiding beads, ponytail makers, ...


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