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Hair care

After-Care for Colored or Chemically-Treated Hair
The best way to care for chemically-treated hair in order to restore its condition and preserve the new style or color.
Basic Hair Care
A look at the basics of caring for the hair. The proper ways to shampoo, condition, and dry your hair.
Beauty on a budget
Hints for those on a budget who want to look beautiful. Use what is already available in your home for hair care.
Beauty Tips from Around the World
Women are always going to have a secret cache of tips that they keep to help themselves look beautiful. There are countless regional beauty secrets that help to preserve, rejuvenate and keep your youthful appearance.
Books about Hair Care
A selection of books about hair care.
Build-Up in Hair
Too much build-up is not healthy for your hair and will make styling difficult and cause an overall weighing-down, but is it really as dramatic as distributors make us want to believe?
Causes and Solutions for Oily Hair
From all of the issues that we can have with our hair, the most challenging perhaps is an overproduction of the natural hair oils.
Choosing a Hair Product
How do you know you need a styling gel as opposed to mousse? When do you use shine enhancers or serums? Let’s look at the product categories and define their usage.
Damaged Hair
Is your hair damaged? Some tips to find out whether your hair is still healthy or not.
Damaged Hair Q&A
Questions and answers about damaged hair and hair breakage.
Dealing with Hair Damage
Recommendations by dermatologists to enhance the appearance and health of your hair.
Diet's Role in Hair Health
Healthy hair begins from the inside to the outside.
Dry Hair
Causes and solutions for dry hair.
Dull Hair
There are many causes of dull-looking hair and there are a lot of tricks and tips to make the hair look shiny again.
Facts about Human Hair
31 interersting facts about human hair. Things you migth already know and amazing facts that will have you surprised.
Fine Hair
Common complaints from those with fine hair and how to deal with it.
Hair and the Older Woman
Along with gray comes other changes in hair. Some tips for caring for your hair as you get older.
Hair Care for Bedridden Individuals
How do you properly care for an individual’s grooming needs when the individual may not even be able to sit up unassisted?
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