Alluring Glamour by Royston Blythe

Glamour hair
The Royston Blythe Artistic team has created a series of hairstyles that focus on three things: Glamour, Glamour and more Glamour.
Borrowing traditional hair styling elements like rolls, quiffs, curls and braids, the team gives them a modern "edge" to create a collection of truly glamorous styles.

Up-Style with Crimping

Up-style with smooth hair and crimping
The Cut: The hair is long and cut with tapering layers at the ends.
The Color: The model's hair is a lush blonde with subtle variations in the highlight and lowlight colors to give a rich natural looking color.
The Style: The up-style features a smooth top and sides with a perfectly smooth roll on one side. The ends of the hair beneath and behind the roll have been crimped and fluffed out to create a soft veil of hair over the neck.

Auburn Brunette Curls

Auburn brunette hair with curls
The Cut: This is a medium length, layered haircut without fringe.
The Color: The rich auburn brunette color is given depth and fire by the addition of warm highlights and deep mahogany lowlights.
The Style: This hairstyle can be created with naturally curly hair or by wrapping the hair on large to medium rollers in a descending order of size from top to bottom. Once curled (or if the hair is naturally curly, once the hair is dried with a diffuser for maximum volume) the hair is combed out and backcombed for added fullness and sprayed with a styling spritz then scrunched to define the curl more.

Updo with Crimped Hair

Pompadour styled beehive updo with crimped hair
The Cut: The haircut here is a standard long blunt cut.
The Color: The model's natural dark brunette hair color has soft highlighting to add some depth.
The Style: The upper half of the hair - at the top and sides - is backcombed and smoothed into a high, pompadour styled beehive, with a clutch of large curls at the base. The hair at the back and nape of the head is crimped with a fine grained crimping iron and backcombed lightly to give it extra fullness.

Criss-Crossed Braids

Blonde hair with criss-crossed braids and crimping
The Cut: This is a long razor-cut style with heavily tapering texture.
The Color: This model's hair is a pale golden blonde with very subtle dimensioning.
The Style: The hairstyle features a criss-crossed pattern of braids at the top of the head from the forehead to the crown. The sides, back and nape hair are then crimped in a fine-grained crimper and backcombed lightly to add extra fullness and create a billow of pale golden strands.

Pompadour-Like Quiff Updo

High updo with a pompadour-like quiff
The Cut: The hair here is cut into a long layered style.
The Color: The deep, mahogany brunette features warm auburn highlights.
The Style: This updo takes the smoothly straightened hair and sweeps it up into a high pompadour-like quiff with a smooth finish. The hair is backcombed and wound as high as possible, then smoothed carefully for a sleek look.

Mid-Length Hairstyle & Half Curls

Hair styled into half-curls with straight ends
The Cut: This haircut is a mid-length layered style.
The Color: The hair color is auburn with lighter coppery highlights and deeper brown lowlights.
The Style: After preparing the hair with styling gel and leave-in conditioner, the hair is blown-out for maximum lift, then taken segment by segment and partially wrapped around a hot curling iron to create a mass of half curls with straight ends. The ends are dressed with a light application of pomade and spritz is misted on the hair, which is scrunched to define the curls.

Blown-Out and Crimped

Crimped long blonde hair with maximum volume
The Cut: This model has a very long razor cut with deep texturing.
The Color: The hair color is pale golden blonde with slightly deeper root color and paler highlighting for depth.
The Style: After the hair is prepped with styling product and leave-in spray, the hair is blown-out for maximum volume and crimped, then backcombed to create the most-possible height, leaving the ends to hang straight. The finished look is a halo of long pale, golden tresses.

Soft Curls Hairstyle

blonde hair with soft curls
The Cut: The hair here is cut in a long, layered style.
The Color: The soft blonde color is warm with honey-tones and an almost strawberry glow.
The Style: The hair is prepped with leave-in spray and styling gel and blown-dry with a lot of lift. Next, Velcro rollers are used to give the hair soft curls, the hair is heated and allowed to cool on the rollers, then the curls are backcombed and stretched out to create a leonine mane of golden curling hair.
Hair: Royston Blythe Artistic Team
Make-up: Gary Cockerill
Styling: Bernard Connelly
Photography: David Levine