Sassoon Creative Team

Hair with cut-outs
It shares its name with a poem by Beat Generation poet Allen Ginsberg and it is equally expressive. The radically shaped looks of the "Howl" collection by Sassoon radiate the energy of a new rebellious movement. The powerful momentum manifests itself in the artistic lines drawn by creative masterminds.
Cut-outs, sharp points, unexpected angles and interruptions of laser-sharp lines draw the spectator into the world of underground arts, revolution and abstract performances in the obscurity of the night.
Hair colors reflect the dark hours with deep hues of purple and black. The light colors seem to mirror the moonlight in their silvery and matte gold shimmer.

Purple Flamboyance

Purple hair cut with a curve around the ear
This high-fashion angel of the dark pronounces her slender features with an asymmetrical geometric short haircut.
One side features a silky soft crop with a perfect curve around the ear and up towards the forehead where a long point is the highlight of the long fringe that develops out of a straight line with its beginnings in the back. It is only interrupted by a gentle curve above one eye. Black and purple hair color play with perception and the senses.

Midnight Madness

Short blonde haircut with rough sections
These chains of love are mellowed out a little by the equally captivating short blonde haircut made in abstract heaven. A play with lines and textures takes the short hair to new directions and questions old convictions.
Long spikes, high curves, smooth and rough sections interact and invoke their own unique flair of rebellious attraction.

Peek-a-Boo Bob

Bob with a cut-out section
The asymmetrical chin length bob is famous for its versatility. This version gains its fame and glory with a rectangular, sharply angled cut-out section on the broader side.
The resulting sharp and long point becomes part of the side swept fringe and is just as mysterious as the dark, velvety purple hair color that reflects the light like a deep lake under a new moon.

Fully Charged

Lifted sleek blonde hair
The electricity of the night becomes tangible with this supercharged long look. The contours are lifted and turned weightless as if the long, sleek hair had been hit with a sudden gust of wind. Individual strands are so fine and silken like the finest down feathers.
Silvery platinum looks like the color of the moon and is ready to illuminate even the darkest night.

Wedge Fringe

Long blonde hair and a fringe with uplifting
Opposites create energy. This is especially true for this look, which combines long, straight and heavy tresses that fall straight down the sides and the back, ending in a blunt cut line slightly below the shoulders.
The fringe received a surge of uplifting energy and emerges to a lofty wedge shaped creation full of texture and balanced proportion.
Hair & Color: Sassoon Creative Team
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