Pixie Cuts (1)

The pixie cut is a classic short hairstyle that has been proving over and over again to be incredibly versatile. A pixie is beautiful, never goes out of style and there are plenty of ways to wear this haircut. Are you ready to go pixie-short? Ahead are photos of pixie cuts to get you inspired before your hair salon visit!
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  • pixie with streaks
  • pixie for black hair
  • dark pixie
  • pixie with jagged edges
  • pixie with varying lengths
  • pixie with asymmetrical bangs
  • pixie with sharp edges
  • brunette pixie with volume
  • pixie for red hair
  • pixie with green streaks
  • pixie with vintage waves
  • pixie with a long neck area
  • pretty short pixie
  • pixie cut with layers
  • pixie with warm hair colors
  • pixie with spiked hair
  • spiky pixie cut with layers
  • soft pixie cut
  • pixie with a lot of texture
  • pixie cut with asymmetry
  • pixie with tomboy elements
  • pixie cut with volume in the crown
  • daring pixie
  • professional pixie
  • blonde pixie
  • pixie with partly covered ears
  • pixie for red hair
  • pixie with a round shape
  • pixie with length on top
  • more short hairstyles

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