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"Handle with Care" - Cassie Harwood

Australia's no.1 salon of the year, Hair Machine in Adelaide, is known for their creative, post modern looks that set new trends in hair fashion. By using traditional skills and limitless creativity with the boldness and courage to play and experiment the Hair Machine artists break traditions and give us new and exciting looks that could become a colorful habit.
  • long blonde hair with spiral curls
  • chignon on the side of the head
  • purple hair
  • choppy short blonde pixie haircut
  • hair with crinkles
  • hair with silver lavender streaks
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Cassie Harwood aptly named her new collection "Handle with Care" - reflecting not only the distinct structures of her styles but also the spirit of the women who wear her looks. Cassie's styles reflect the warrior woman of a not at all distant future.
She asks us to step out of our comfort zones and to allow new textures, shapes and colors to lift us up to new heights of fashion and our own potential. Share the energy!
Hairstyles: Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia
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