Spring and Summer Hairstyles 10

Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin

Hair with intense colors
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Known for their fine artistry in hair, the Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin did it again and created a formidable collection of hairstyles for spring and summer. Created for women who love a sculpted short cut or long appealing locks and intense hair colors, these extraordinary looks capture at the first sight.
Multiple tiers in contrasting colors invite the daring and bold while long, luxurious and deliciously opulent curly manes will delight romantic minds. Cuts are precise and colors are bright, ranging from shiny copper to shades of purple and even an amped up chestnut.

Short Purple Hair

Short tiered hairstyle with a buzzed underside
Painted in the colors of one of nature's most beautiful creations, this tiered haircut stands out. Three shifts, textures and highly compatible hair colors are what this hair dream is made off. A short, buzzed underside reaches from the neck around the sides to the temples.
It is topped by a sleek layer with a triangular shape in the back and an even row of short, purple hair around the front. The frosting on the cake is the frothy wave of Chantilly white hair on the crown.

Bordeaux Red Hair

Short cut for Bordeaux red hair
Elements of a classic short haircut meet modern imagination... and a palette of bright, intense colors. The high-rising flame of Bordeaux red hair makes a stand and leaves an impression. Lifted out of the constraints of gravity, the long fringe curls at the ends and flows in heavy motion slightly to the side.
The rest of the hair sits nice and neat in place, styled to sleek shine and snug fit around the head. The sleek part is dyed in a deep amethyst color and distinguishes itself also through its very clean and geometrical cutting line.

Tricolor Hair

Short cut for tricolor hair
As beautiful as it is daring - a three level, short tricolor haircut that is bold in shape and in its hues. A more textured, layered crop graces the back up to the ears and then runs into a sleek layer that originates on the crown and covers the entire front in superfine shape-giving layers and a highly refined hair coloring technique that layers shades of berry red and coppery orange in a way that new patterns will be revealed with every move.
The back of the head is crowned by an exotic tuft in fuchsia that is slightly bowed to one side and then evenly descends until it melds with the hair that is styled very close to the head.

Twirled and Twisted Curls

Long chestnut hair with twirled curls
Short haircuts are not the only ones that can be sculptural. Long curls are quite the medium to create desirable looks. The pictured curls have been twirled and twisted with emphasis on a rounded fringe and longer sections along the side to frame the face in whirly romance.
A reddish chestnut hair color has just the right glow and warmth to go along with this theme.

Long Hair Parted on the Side

Messy style for very long hair
Very long hair was parted on the side and the long fringe feathered to the back. A lot of root lift on top created a good height and volume on the crown. Now the rest of the hair is a different story.
Following no obvious rules, the hair was teased and kneaded to a loose and light bundle of cotton candy texture. The art is to make a style like this look fresh and not messy. Very well done by the Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin.

Baroque Curls

Long hair with baroque curls
The evenly distributed and well-defined curls that are the building blocks of this long hairstyle of baroque opulence are layered to make sure that they keep their shape even on top of the head and are not pulled straight by the weight of the hair length.
A refined cut is therefore the basis of this stunning look. The curly mane is colored in a gentle brown with a touch of gold in the right places.
Hairstyles: Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin
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