One-Length Long Haircut

One-length long hairstyle
Step by step guide on how to cut a one-length long haircut, from Steve Turner, This is a classical one-length haircut, creating a blanket of glossy hair with a sharp defined edge.
One length long hairstyle - Before the haircut
Before: Faye before the haircut.
One length long hairstyle - How to section the hair
Step 1: Section across the head from the tip of each ear, dissecting the head at the crown. Then take a centre point at the crown and section to the top of each temple, creating three triangles in the front.
One length long hairstyle - Put on hair cutting cape
Step 2: Apply the appropriate protective clothing.
One length long hairstyle - Take a central hair section in the back
Step 3: Take a central section in the back, then diagonal sections either side just above the occipital bone to behind the ear. Note that this section's thickness will vary according to the density and the quality of the hair and hairline.
One length long hairstyle - Allow hair to fall in its natural position
Step 4: Stand your client, allowing the hair to fall in its natural position. It is important to create weight in this first section as it is your outline and guide for the rest of the cut.
One length long hairstyle - Use comb and scissors
Step 5: In order to control your section, use the comb and scissors with loose tension. Note that Steve uses his scissors behind the section and his comb in front.
One length long hairstyle - Use the comb as a hair cutting guideline
Step 6: Position the comb as a guideline and then cut from the centre working out.
One length long hairstyle - Refine the shape
Step 7: Assess and refine your shape.
One length long hairstyle - Work towards the crown area
Step 8: Repeat this process with the next section, working towards the crown area.
One length long hairstyle - Cut to your guideline
Step 9: Always be careful to maintain and cut to your guideline.
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