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Berlin is one of the greatest and most inspiring cities in the world. The people who live in Berlin are resilient as they have had to be. Surrounded by a wall for years, the people of Berlin had little to do with the outside world. However, that wall has now come down and the people of Berlin have exploded onto the fashion scene.
  • shoulder length curls
  • pulled back curly hair
  • short sixties hairdo
  • bob with longer strands of hair
  • short twenties haircut
  • haircut with added hair pieces
  • hairstyle with shaven sides
  • red afro
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La Biosthetique has done a great job of capturing the looks of the city throughout the centuries. The collections the stylists have created reflect the city that is forever changing. The twenties were a time that women wore short skirts and danced the Charleston.
The sixties brought along a wind of change and freedom that was felt throughout the city. Finally, the nineties brought the wall around the city down and east met west with hairstyles that were truly unique to the city.
The Fall/Winter collections of hairstyles by La Biosthetique offer all the unique aspects of the decades throughout the city. The styles offered are short and long, curly and straight, sleek, and wild. There is a style that meets every woman's needs and desires. There are four basic hairstyles in this collection all named after the beautiful women who reside throughout the city.
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