The "111 Collection Part 2" by Schwarzkopf

Popular hairstyles
Part 2 of the 111 Collection is called "Essential Looks." The collection captures the moods of autumn and winter with four distinctive looks. The best of the best hairdressers are picked each season to transform fashion models into a new and distinct personal style. Fashion designers use the hairstyles to complete their overall look for the runway.
This collection is well-know for creating couture looks for the runway that easily transform into a commercial reality. Essential Looks has been successful at creating desirable and wearable hairstyles for over 10 years.
The reason behind the success is Schwarzkopf is committed to the stylist, with education, support, and inspiration. The looks are in time with popular trends, which leads to the hairstyles coming off as successes.

Retro Glamour Curls

40s retro hairstyle with curls for red hair
The shape and the color of her gorgeous hair exude vintage charm like no other. It makes us think of the movie heroines of the 40's and the post-war spirit of a celebration of life and beauty. The long hair is layered slightly in the lower areas, just enough to give it a rounded, full edge around her shoulders.
A side part is diligently drawn and allows the long hair to fall in delicate waves and curls to both sides. Note the combination of a more coppery red in the back and a thick section that was tinted with a Merlot hue in front. Subtle but mesmerizing at the same time.

Two Tone Vintage Updo

Forties hair updo with two tones of red
The soft Merlot hair color accentuates the soft curve of her bangs that are styled to the side in their long and sleek gorgeousness. There they are tugged into a soft roll of hair that still shows the structure of the curls that are so spectacular in the previous look.
Now the two tones of red present themselves in a more distinct way and add a very extravagant flavor to this vintage look, which was inspired by hairstyles of the 1940s. The lengths were gently folded into a large roll, beginning on top of her ears and moving all around her head.

From Dark to Light

Short 40s hairstyle with blonde curls
Controlled wildness is the spirit of this short, curly haircut. The bounty of curls is kept in a defined shape through a precise cut with shorter hair in front, longer in the back and layers throughout. Another amazing transition is in the color.
What looks like a beautiful shadow in the lower half is a dark blonde that blends in to the light blonde on top without any seams. The curls are tousled to a sexy texture and styled towards her face.

Curly Wreath

Short style for red 1940s hair with curls
Short lengths on the bottom support the weight of the long top hair and make for the intriguing shape. Vintage flavor through and through this hairstyle features an upside down half circle shape consisting of curls galore.
The bangs are smooth and stand out with their sleek but curved form that just puts a wonderful thrill to it all. The reddish brown on top is elevated by a darker contrast, blended in from the bottom up.

Streaked Blonde Hair

Straight precision haircut for blonde hair with purple streaks
Truly, the warrior of style, "The Dark Amazons" hairstyle is dominant, sexy, and dark. The fashion incorporates thin heels, long flowing dresses with high slits, leather that melds the body, and high boots. The hairstyle has to reflect this dominance and does so by incorporating precision cuts, and up-dos.
The colors are intense, blonde hair streaked with dark blacks and purples. This sets of the fierceness of the look.

Eighties Look

Brunette eighties hairstyle with waves
Always ready for a party, the women of the eighties did everything big. The clothing ranges from satin frocks to party dresses.
The hairstyle chosen for is a reference to the eighties with curls, waves, and a rounded bob. However, the style is more modern with more shape and precision cuts.

Androgynous with Wave

Rebellious short haircut for masculine women
It does not get any shorter than the hair on the sides of her head, cut and styled in a masculine manner. The top hair is longer and reminds of men's hairstyles of the 30s and 40s, oozing vintage vibes.
The coloring is beyond finesse with an amazing transition from the platinum blonde to the copper on her crown. The latter was styled to a sleek wave with an artistic flow and very sculptural, modern shape. The past meets the future.


Modern undercut hair for women
The organic shape of her modern short cut has traits of a bob and even a mushroom cut and shares the clean outline of the form with these classics. What is hidden underneath however puts a new spin on the concept and with the hair styled for a triangular opening on the side, a velvet textured undercut is revealed.
This look ups the ante for modern hair design as it plays with surfaces, colors and has a strong sensual aspect to it, full of poetry and artistic inspiration.

Blushed Copper Gem

Short haircut for intense red hair
Get your daily dose of exquisite beauty and let your spirit soar with a short haircut as artistic as this. Perfect balance of shape and an intriguing combination of color, this look has a zen like quality, encouraging instant enlightenment of the beholder.
Copper and berry colors flow as one, alternating in bright, gleaming streaks. A shine enhancer or gloss spray keep the surface this slick and the colors shockingly intense.
Photos: Schwarzkopf