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Flexible hair to style in different ways
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The summer collection by the hair artists at Qvovadis uses a minimalistic approach with clean outlines, fresh and clear colors, crisp contrasts to create hairstyles that are classic and uniquely tailored to each woman.
Very fine layers give the hair a distinct shape and a smooth and shiny surface. As a counterpoint to the brilliant sleekness, the ends are boldly textured. The shapes are rounded and luxurious. Long lines, graduated sections, asymmetrical effects and a showering of glam are combined to create eight attractive looks.
The hair colors are daring and used to support the shape and enhance the charisma of each exclusive style. They are applied in soft transitions but also in bold streaks.

Black and Pointy

Modern cut for short black hair
Short haircut with forward styling
Black and pointy short hair
Deep texturing and a good styling product render the ends of this short layered haircut into pointed elements of a bold fashion statement. The hair is graduated in the back and lengthens towards the front.
The forward styling in the first photo makes use of the specifics of this cut and the outcome is a windswept, asymmetrical look that beams with slick shine and attitude. Two charming alternatives are possible. They might be toned down and more the daytime version of the cut, but they do not lack in charisma and trendiness.

Precious Metals

Long sleek and tapered hairstyle
Silver, gold and platinum hair coloring
Sleek blonde hair with a deep fringe
Silver, gold and platinum give this long, sleek hairstyle its almost supernatural appeal. The angelic reflection of light almost blinds one to take in the refined shape of this long, tapered and layered haircut. Much fine scissor-work was done at about cheekbone level to finely layer and shape the hair to the round flow which is thickest around the face and then thins out in the long gossamer tendrils that reach beneath the shoulders.
The asymmetrical, deep fringe is a pure statement of elegance and timeless style. Variations can be easily made by moving the partition or modifying the location of the fringe.

Streaked Carré

Streaked bob with diagonal bangs
Lightweight and easy to wear bob hairstyle
Deeply textured tips surround the face with a rounded and balanced frame. The diagonal bangs are accentuated by wide contrasting streaks in cherry red and coppery tones on the dark espresso base.
All those elements make this not only a lightweight bob style to wear, but also one that is easy to maintain and to restyle in many ways to ones heart content.

Nutmeg and Gold

Liquid sleek hair
Hair with thin and wide streaks
New and contemporary sleek hairstyle
Sleek as can be with the added accent of liquid gold flowing down the sides in wide and thin lines, this hairstyle uses elements of classy predecessors but makes it all new and contemporary.
An intricate play of color fills the minimalistic canvas of hair and the colors range from deep berry tones over a nutmeg base all the way to molten gold. The dimension and depth thus created resembles rare gems that can usually only be found in nature.

Raspy Eye Candy

Short blonde hair a with a longer crown
Luxurious styling for short blonde hair
A wave of textured, layered and raspy styled hair sweeps across the head from one extremely short side to the other. The increased length on the crown allows for many fun options and directions the pixie cut can take. This kind of style can easily morph from a wild and rebellious look to a glamorous, "haute" hair look for a luxurious outing.
A few tender color accents in the fringe support any motion and ask for a second look. Intricate color work in finely tuned shades of warm reds and browns between the light golden blonde are nothing but mesmerizing.

Cherry Cola

Short hairstyle with a versatile fringe
Chic pixie hairstyle for red hair
Sleek short hairstyle with clear lines
The versatile fringe is the main player of this hairstyle for short hair. It stands out through its transition of cherry, lava red to a darker berry tone until it transitions almost seamlessly into the dark base. The perfectly tuned fringe also lends itself to direct it in various directions and each one looks as if it was meant to be.
The stable elements are the neck and the sides with their clear line. The body of hair is also very finely thinned and layered to create the almost automatic rounded fall of this chic shorty.

A-line Bob

Blonde A-line bob - Side view
Bob haircut with one extended side
Bob haircut with one pointy londer side
Two classic favorites have been morphed into one. The bob and the A-line bob share one head and easily blend together from one extended and pointy length on the left to the filigreed chin-length on the other.
The ends are finely textured and the gentle curve inward is achieved with a lot of ultra meticulous layering. The free agent in this distinct shape is once again the fringe that can be styled in a number of ways.

Romance in A-line

Long spiraled hair
Long hair with spiral curls
Curls so well defined that they almost appear exaggerated are the last and the most "different" hairstyle in this collection. Here as well, it is the fine layers that distribute the weight and create the shape - rounded in the back, long and spiraled in front.
A daring combination of extreme A-line and a romantic mane of cork-screw curls. The long sections on the sides of the face are made even more dramatic with the effect of a lighter, caramel tone on the golden to dark brown base.
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