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Clean Chic - QVOVADIS Friseure

The new summer collection by the hair-artists at Qvovadis uses a minimalistic approach with clean outlines, fresh and clear colors, crisp contrasts to create hairstyles that are classic and uniquely tailored to each woman.
  • modern cut for short black hair
  • platinum long hair
  • streaked bob
  • sleek hairstyle
  • raspy styling for short blonde hair
  • versatile fringe
  • angled bob cut
  • cork-screw curls
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Very fine layers give the hair a distinct shape and a smooth and shiny surface. As a counterpoint to the brilliant sleekness the ends are boldly textured. The shapes are rounded and luxurious. Long lines, graduated sections, asymmetrical effects and a showering of glam are combined to create eight attractive looks.
Colors are daring and used to support the shape and enhance the charisma of each exclusive style. They are applied in soft transitions but also in bold streaks.
What makes this looks even more desirable is their ability to be styled in many different ways. Each cut has facets of moods and expressions that can be discovered with just a little bit of imagination and some simple tools. Click on the photos to find extra styling suggestions for each cut.
Hairstyles: QVOVADIS Friseure