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Colour Chemistry by Maurice Meade

As one of the premiere chains of hair salons in Australia Maurice Meade brings high fashion of hair to its clients since more than 34 years.
Cut and color are inseparable, equally important parts of a hairstyle and Maurice Meade presents a section of long, luxurious looks that focuses on the "Chemistry" of color.
  • highlights for light blonde hair
  • reddish sheen for brown hair
  • long hair with a silken flow
  • freshly colored hair
  • stylish look for blonde hair
  • glowing red hair color
  • sleek red hair
  • silky shiny gowns and blonde hair
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The modern alchemy of color aims to enhance the cut, bring out the radiance of the skin and that certain spark in the eyes. It is about feeling beautiful and glowing, showing personality and expressing ones approach to life, love and fashion.
The Maurice Meade Colour Chemistry collection shows off long hair in iridescent radiance ranging from pale, luminous blondes to intense and passionate red hues. There is a color for ever personality and for every mood.
Hair: Maurice Meade
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