Color Chemistry by Maurice Meade

Hair color to enhance a cut
As one of the premiere chains of hair salons in Australia Maurice Meade brings high fashion of hair to its clients since more than 34 years. Cut and color are inseparable, equally important parts of a hairstyle and Maurice Meade presents a section of long, luxurious looks that focuses on the "Chemistry" of color.
The modern alchemy of color aims to enhance the cut, bring out the radiance of the skin and that certain spark in the eyes. It is about feeling beautiful and glowing, showing personality and expressing ones approach to life, love and fashion.
The Maurice Meade Color Chemistry collection shows off long hair in iridescent radiance ranging from pale, luminous blondes to intense and passionate red hues. There is a color for ever personality and for every mood.

Sparkling Blonde

Long light blonde hair with highlights
The sexy light blonde is as refreshing and alluring like a glass of champagne on a weekend morning. With gentle highlights it reflects the light in a warm and iridescent radiance that comes to its full potential due to the smooth lengths of the haircut.
Long layers, large curls and gentle wave action in the lower third are the perfect canvas for this exquisite hue.

Sassy Brassy

Long brown hair with a reddish sheen
A chocolate brown base is visible in the lower layers. Towards the top and outer layers it gently transitions into a ravishing golden blonde that reminds of a bright sunset in the southern skies. The gold has a reddish sheen that gives it even more warmth and enhances the ivory glow of the skin.
Applying the color in wide sections as well as in strands underneath gives the layered cut much volume and enhances the motion of the large waves.

Liquid Gold

Long brown hair with a silken flow
Long, sleek hair is styled to a silken flow with a touch of texture and motion towards the tips. The color gets its energy from two opposing elements.
An earthbound chocolate hue is the solid basis, which was doused with a transparent shower of liquid gold, coming in its most sunshine colored incarnation. The yellow sheen enhances the brown as vice versa resulting in a supernatural reflection of light.

Chemical Reaction

Brunettes with freshly colored hair
A meeting of two like minded beauties showing off their freshly hued manes. Both feature a mix of earthy browns and deep golden effects and washes but the picture shows how a different styling can influence the effect of the color and how the placement of the color for effects is enhanced by the style.
The shimmering layers on the left are lifted to utmost volume with a good dose of gold in the top layer while the long, tapered look on the side becomes extra luminous with golden applications in the tips.

Ambitious Determination

Halfway layered long blonde hair
Never underestimate the power of blonde. It can be seductive, playful, innocent but also powerful, formidable and mesmerizing. This determined blonde is strutting her stuff with a curly, halfway layered style full of sophistication and stylish passion.
The blonde is lusciously radiant with a golden sheen and naturally looking darker sections along the roots and underneath that provide even more definition and dimension.

Silky Lava

Long red hair with large spiraled curls
Red is the color of passion, at times even of danger. But who cares about the risk when looking at a deep glowing red that brings the long, silky tresses of this stunningly precious look to live.
Large, spiraled curls and waves show off the color with breaking the light in different angles and allowing all of the facets of this stunning red and gold blonde to emerge.

Classic Beauty

Long red hair with sleek styling
Cinderella would have been jealous of this deep golden tone that outshines even the most glamorous blonde. Pale skin and green eyes are the ideal companions for this hue as all of these colors naturally enhance each other.
The sleek styling of the long haircut is the perfect silky base to really show off the depth of the red and the understated curls in the ends take this long look to elegance heaven.

Double Date

Blonde hairstyles with volume
Voluminous blonde hair with radiance and brilliant shine combined with silky, shiny gowns always makes hearts stop and heads turn.
The two beauties in the picture are enjoying the chemistry with each other as well as what happened to their hair under the skillful hands of the Maurice Meade team. Now who will take them out to a glamorous night amidst the sparkling city lights?
Hair: Maurice Meade