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  • couple with fashionable hairstyles
  • bobbed with curls
  • smooth short hair
  • short hair and curved fringe
  • snug fitting short hair
  • above the ears haircut
  • round haircut
  • tight fitting sides bob
  • easy short haircut
  • fashionable short hairstyle
  • hair with tapering
  • cropped short hair
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What was common is changing, new frontiers are appearing and hairstyles are designed to go along with all of our adventures, our passions and challenges. The new short haircuts for women are not only practical but also very feminine and fashionable. They come in many shapes, colors and styles as THCIP presents in their latest collection. While the length is going shorter for the girls, our male friends are invited to let theirs grow.
girls with short hair

The attractive line of rounded shorties comes in colors taken right out of nature. Just like the shapes, the colors are wearable for every day and were created with the whole family in mind.
Hair: Tchip
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