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Collection "HEROS"

Eric Léturgie

We all need a hero every now and then. And we can even become one too. Eric Léturgie's latest collection of beautiful hairstyles was inspired not only by the fantasy heroes that we all love from movies and comic books, but also by the hero that we all have inside.
  • long curls
  • sporty hairstyles
  • corkscrew curls for hair
  • tousled curls
  • barrel shape hair
  • hairstyle with spiky layers
  • spiky haircut
  • shaved head
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His impressive hairstyles for men and women send a message to the outside world that they are dealing with a super powered specimen. No matter where your strengths are, you can transform yourself with a new do and the rest will follow.
Choices are plenty - long and curly, short and spiky or sleek, razored and tousled. Supermen and Superwomen out there, take your pick!
Production: Eric Léturgie
Photographer: Jean-François Bouchet d'Angely
Photographer Assistant: Benoit Bouchet
Styling: Hervé Kockelschneider
Make-Up: Melissa Matti
Hair: Eric Léturgie & Yannick Léturgie