Gandini Club - Winter 09-10

Hair with strong geometric shapes
The collection from Gandini Club is a showcase of structure, texture and silhouettes. The hairstyles vary in elements and execution, but all feature strong geometric shapes in the finished looks.
Some of the looks may not be suited for all women or lifestyles, but they celebrate shapes, silhouettes and even colors that can inspire similar elements in more mainstream looks.

Sleek and Silky

Short sleek hair with an angled parting
Pale, milky blonde hair forms the medium with which this sleek, short asymmetrical hairstyle is crafted. The hair is lightly layered to contour to the face and follows a curved perimeter including a steeply sloped fringe area.
The hair is styled with an angled, deep-side parting and is blown out to be smooth and straight. Use a medium-hold product and shine serum to keep the hair sleek and silky. A flat iron can also be employed to reinforce the smoothness of the hair.

Gradient Hair Color Effect

Long hair with a gradient color effect
Deep mahogany base color with warm auburn highlights sprayed across the top and crown section of the head provide a gradient effect for the color of the hair. The long locks are layered to reduce the bulk at the ends of the hair.
Styling consists of a blow out to create straight lines in the top and crown, with some backcombing at the sides to give a leonine look to the true ovoid silhouette. Use a volumizing product to maximize the fullness in the hair, along with a light smoothing serum to enhance the shine and control the frizz in the hair.

Dramatic Up-Style

Dramatic up-style with a cone shape
This sharply-contoured up-style creates a chic silhouette that makes a dramatic statement. The hair is drawn back along the scalp to the center of the head and rolled into a conical shape that contours, following the shape of the skull.
The cone shape expands in size as it progresses from the nape to the top of the head. Executing this style requires a firm hold styling product applied to damp hair and then drying the hair to a "mostly dry" state. At this point, the hair can be smoothed into the desired configuration.

Smooth Ripples

Short bob-inspired hairdo with smooth ripples
Fine striations of high and lowlights in a golden base color make a beautifully grained dimensional look for this wavy hairstyle. This style can be crafted using a roller set or normally wavy hair.
The cut is a bob-inspired creation whose exterior is styled into smooth ripples, while the interior at the nape is styled for high volume, creating a triangular silhouette. Creating the style involves a roller set or naturally wavy hair. The interior layers are back-combed to expand the bulk, while the surface layers are kept smooth.

Tapered Sides and Back

Short blonde pixie haircut with tapered sides
Here we have a short retro hairstyle inspired by the 1980s and the New Wave look of that period. The top and crown feature longer lengths in uniform layers while the sides and back are tapered short and contour close to the scalp.
These two divisions are differentiated further by the color - with pale blonde in the top and crown and the natural color in the sides and back - and by the styling using high volume in the top and crown and smooth tapering by contrast. Use a volumizing product to give structure to the hair at the top and crown.

Slicked Hair

1980s style with slicked back short hair for women
Another 1980s vintage inspired short haircut, this sleek, upswept style uses strong angles and creates a sharp, clean silhouette. The hair is slicked away from the face and builds volume in the top and crown.
Use a strong-hold product, dry the hair to the mostly-dry state and back-comb the crown and tips to give structure, allowing you to smooth the outer layers of the hair over the full shape of the silhouette. Humph the styling with a satin-finish hairspray. Use the edge of a brush to keep the finish looking smooth without being too "defined".

Feathered Head-Piece

Headpiece with white feathers
As a fashion statement, the hair here is somewhat overshadowed by the feathered head-piece. The hair itself is styled to be long and wavy in simple terms.The soft faun blonde is threaded through with golden highlights which enhance the shimmer of the rippling waves.
With natural curl this look can be achieved using a diffused blow dryer and a smoothing product. If the hair is not naturally wavy, use a medium-sized tool to give rippling wave in the long hair. Use a firm hold product in order to create long-lasting curl.

Short Sultry Hairstyle

Short wavy bob hairstyle wit layers
Flash back to old-school glamour with this short, sultry hairstyle. Inspired by the ultra-sexy looks of such actresses as Racquel Welch and Sophia Loren, this layered, wavy look makes for an amazingly sexy style. Starting from a bob-cut base with interior layering, the cut builds volume asymmetrically, making it ideal for angular faces or those with prominent features which need balancing.
The soft auburn hair color blended with the wavy layers gives visual texture and interest to the look. Create this look for yourself by using a texturing product on damp hair and following up with a diffused hair dryer. If there is need you can create wave using styling tools or a roller set.

Topiary-Like Shape

Updo with a topiary hair shape
Longer hair is the medium that creates this elongated silhouette. Long, wavy, strawberry-blonde hair is groomed to form interior structure, supporting the topiary-like shaping. Using a strong-hold product on damp hair, dry the hair to a mostly-dry state and back-comb the interior to create structure.
Dry the hair to mostly-dry state and draw the hair loosely back from the face to the nape area. Back-comb the hair to create stability and a foundation for the surface texture. Use hairspray to provide last my hold and control any fly-away strands.

Pulled-Back Style

Brown hair styled in a pulled-back ponytail
In spite of its dramatic impact, this is an amazingly simple style to create. Long chestnut-brown hair with natural sheen and highlights is styled to showcase lushness and fullness in a simple, pulled-back style. Use a volumizing product and blow dry the hair with the head inverted to maximize the volume.
The hair can be back-combed to further increase the bulk. Ultimately, the hair is drawn back from the face gently and gathered loosely in a massive "ponytail" gathering. Confine the hair with a scarf in a gentle confinement. Use hairspray to give finishing hold to the style and control any stray strands.
Hairstyles: Gandini Club