Reverse Long Graduation

Reverse long graduation haircut
Step by step guide on how to cut a reverse long graduation from Mark Smith, A simple layered look. Commercial, accessible and youthful in essence.
Reverse long graduation - Before the haircut
Before: Jessica before the haircut.
Reverse long graduation - How to section the hair
Step 1: Create a central section from the front hairline, down over the crown into the nape approximately 2 cm thick. The section size will be dependent on hair quality and density. This section will be the guide for the total internal shape.
Reverse long graduation - How to start the haircut
Step 2: This section is divided in front of the crown for practicality. Work with the back portion to start. Elevate and over-direct the hair and cut a line from shorter to longer towards the crown.
Reverse long graduation - Cut the front from shorter to longer
Step 3: Using the same elevation and angle cut the front portion from shorter to longer towards the front hairline.
Reverse long graduation - Use pivot pie sections
Step 4: From this central section starting at the crown, use pivoting pie sections. Use the previous section as a guide and again the same elevation and over-direction.
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