Reverse Long Graduation

Reverse long graduation haircut
Step by step guide on how to cut a reverse long graduation from Mark Smith, A simple layered look. Commercial, accessible and youthful in essence.
Reverse long graduation - Before the haircut
Before: Jessica before the haircut.
Reverse long graduation - How to section the hair
Step 1: Create a central section from the front hairline, down over the crown into the nape, approximately 2 cm thick. The section size will be dependent on hair quality and density. This section will be the guide for the total internal shape.
Reverse long graduation - How to start the haircut
Step 2: This section is divided in front of the crown for practicality. Work with the back portion to start. Elevate and over-direct the hair and cut a line from shorter to longer towards the crown.
Reverse long graduation - Cut the front from shorter to longer
Step 3: Using the same elevation and angle, cut the front portion from shorter to longer towards the front hairline.
Reverse long graduation - Use pivot pie sections
Step 4: From this central section starting at the crown, use pivoting pie sections. Use the previous section as a guide and again the same elevation and over-direction.
Reverse long graduation - Pivot towards the front
Step 5: Continue with this technique, moving up the central section and pivoting towards the front, again using the same elevation and over-direction.
Reverse long graduation - Follow yur cutting guide
Step 6: Be careful to follow your guide from the previous section. Note that the internal shape can be varied by the degrees of overdirection and elevation.
Reverse long graduation - Cut hair with the right fingers angle
Step 7: Repeat this process on the second side. Please note to be aware of your finger and body position on the second side. On the first side your fingers are angled down...
Reverse long graduation - Angle fingers up while cutting
Step 8: While on the second side they are angled up for accuracy.
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