The Grand

Beautiful long haircut
Step by step guide on how to cut a long haircut called "The Grand", from Lee Stafford,
"This long style is a haircut that I went in to the Guinness Book of Records with, for the dearest haircut in the world! I use this one in my salon more than any other. It's the kind of haircut that your client's smile just gets bigger and bigger and it never fails to impress." This is "The Grand".
Long haircut - Before
Before: Lucy before the cut.
Long haircut - Take a triangle section of hair out
Step 1: Take a triangle section out at the front hairline and leave it out.
Long haircut - How to section the hair
Step 2: Find the high point of the head, then section into two halves, then four quarters, so you have a hot cross bun.
Long haircut - Plait hair out of the way
Step 3: Then leave out two pieces of hair. Plait out of the way so as not to cut this hair. From the top of the ear, to the occipital bone, to the top of the ear.
Long haircut - Cut the guide for the haircut
Step 4: Begin with the left out triangle in the fringe. Comb down the section and cut a square line with the points of the blades thus creating the guide for the entire haircut.
Long haircut - Work on the front
Step 5: Next work on the front right hand side quarter. Take a vertical section from the high point of the head to the front hairline.
Long haircut - Cut a line from short to long
Step 6: Elevate and slightly over direct the back of the section forwards and cut a line from short to long, using the first section as a guide. This establishes a curved layered internal shape.
Long haircut - Create a concave internal shape
Step 7: Continue this process with parallel sections throughout this quarter, paying attention to the slight over direction producing a gentle concave internal shape. Notice Lee is constantly checking his over direction as this is key to his cut.
Long haircut - External line with a soft angle
Step 8: Please notice the soft angle of the external line is getting longer, which later is refined.
Long haircut - Cross check the hair
Step 9: The last section in this quarter is over directed to the top to maintain length on the perimeter. Then cross check.
Long haircut - Cutting in progress
Step 10: Then repeat this process on the second side.
Long haircut - Check the geometry of the cutting angle
Step 11: Notice to check the geometry of the angle is the same on both sides. Through constant checking and positioning, the result will be accurate.
Long haircut - Check the shape visually
Step 12: Next check the shape visually, paying attention to growth patterns.
Long haircut - How to
Step 13: Now take a vertical section from the first quarter as a guide for the back quarter.
Long haircut - Cut a curved line
Step 14: Next take a vertical section from the centre back, use the guide, elevate the hair straight out and cut a curved line parallel to the head shape.
Long haircut - How to cut illustration
Step 15: Continue down the section, repeating the same process and continuing the line.
Long haircut - Check the cut
Step 16: Again, notice how Lee continually checks his work visually.
Long haircut - Follow the cutting guide
Step 17: Now continue with this process all the way to the back of the ear, using parallel sections with even over direction and elevation, following the guide.
Long haircut - Divide the section
Step 18: Divide the section for ease and accuracy.
Long haircut - Cut the second side
Step 19: Then repeat this process on the second side, using the previous centre section as a guide.
Long haircut - Check the shape of the cut
Step 20: Check the entire shape visually.
Long haircut - Take out the plaited areas
Step 21: Take out the plaited areas which would differ according to quality and density of hair.
Long haircut - Cut with a slicing technique
Step 22: Using a slicing technique, work through the fringe section on a side parting to create a sweeping edge that runs from the left hand side across. This will achieve a cute angle, allowing the shape to push to one side.
Long haircut - Cut an angle
Step 23: Repeat this angle on the low side of the parting. Please note to pay special attention to working visually on this weaker side.
Long haircut - refine the cut with a pointing technique
Step 24: Now refine internally with a pointing technique to loosen and soften any corners throughout the perimeter.
Long haircut - Left to dry naturally
Finish: The record breaking Grand is left to dry naturally so the haircut does all the talking. Your clients will be flocking back into the salon.
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