The Grand

Beautiful long haircut
Step by step guide on how to cut a long haircut called "The Grand" from Lee Stafford,
This long style is a haircut that I went in to the Guinness Book of Records with, for the dearest haircut in the world! I use this one in my salon more than any other. It's the kind of haircut that your client's smile just gets bigger and bigger and never fails to impress. This is "The Grand".
Long haircut - Before
Before: Lucy before the cut.
Long haircut - Take a triangle section of hair out
Step 1: Take a triangle section out at the front hairline and leave it out.
Long haircut - How to section the hair
Step 2: Find the high point of the head, then section into two halves, then four quarters, so you have a hot cross bun.
Long haircut - Plait hair out of the way
Step 3: Then leave out two pieces of hair. Plait out of the way so as not to cut this hair. From the top of the ear to the occipital bone to the top of the ear.
Long haircut - Cut the guide for the haircut
Step 4: Begin with the left out triangle in the fringe. Comb down the section and cut a square line with the points of the blades thus creating the guide for the entire haircut.
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