Catherine Mould for Essensuals Hairdressing

Wearable hairstyles
Catherine Mould, a member of the Toni&Guy Group, under their Essensuals banner, brings a collection of classically inspired and updated hairstyles. The looks are sophisticated, but still wearable by any woman, whatever the mood or image she wants to portray.

Short Layered Hair Style

Short layered hair
The Cut: This features a short layered hairstyle with a full-curtain fringe and razor texturing.
The Color: The model boasts a rich sable hair color with warm, burgundy-toned highlights.
The Style: The styling process begins with naturally wavy hair, blown out until mostly dry with a round brush to create fullness. Additional product is applied to add definition to the hair, while a low-heat, low-airflow drying stage allows the fingers to arrange the hair in a carefree design.

Haircut with Box Layering

Bob haircut with box layering
The Cut: This short haircut offers a variation on the classic short blunt bob, featuring a beveled edge, box layering, and razor texture.
The Color: The model showcases a light yellow blonde hue with subtle highlighting, adding extra spark and depth to the hair.
The Style: This hairstyle begins with naturally wavy hair, which is blown dry to enhance the volume of the hair's wave pattern. The fringe area is styled using a round brush to create a soft, side-swept frame around the eyes. A light spray of styling product is applied, and the hair is gently scrunched to define the wave pattern.

Curved Curtain Fringe

Long haircut with a curtain fringe
The Cut: This model showcases a long, razor-cut hairstyle with a softly curved curtain fringe in a blunt cut.
The Color: This model's satiny hair is natural ebony with high sheen and reflectivity.
The Style: The hair is blown out and smoothed at the top and sides with a round brush, and ironed to a silky finish at the fringe and upper sections. The length is left with its blown-out fullness, balancing the weight line of the upper portion of the cut.

Long Natural Curls

Long hair with natural curls
The Cut: This model's long, natural curls are textured with chunking to taper the length.
The Color: The natural light-brown hair of the model's curls is softly enhanced by subtle highlighting, adding depth and dimension.
The Style: The model's hair is dried with a diffuser attachment and fluffed to maximize the volume of the curls. A deep, curving part is created, and the back and sides are gathered at the nape of the neck, leaving the length to cascade across the shoulders.
The top section is swept to the side, trailing down along the face to create an asymmetrical frame and draw focus to the eyes. The curls are intentionally left unsmoothed to achieve a softer, romantic, and ravished look.

Long Razor Cut

Long razor cut hair with tapering
The Cut: This long razor cut features steep, tapering layers, creating a light and airy look.
The Color: The color is a soft, neutral-tone blonde with slight variations, adding dimension to the color.
The Style: This hairstyle can be achieved with naturally wavy hair by using a soft blowout with a round brush and finger styling with product for added definition. Alternatively, straight hair can be styled by using extra-large tools to create soft, curving waves.

Mid-Length Blunt Haircut

Medium length hairstyle for curly hair
The Cut: This model's mid-length blunt haircut features chunky texturing to soften bulky areas and create a more rounded look.
The Color: The hair is a natural-looking, ultra-pale golden blonde.
The Style: This hairstyle is ideal for very curly hair, either natural or permed, to achieve masses of tight curls. The hair is dried using a diffuser tool and lifted with the fingers, along with styling product, to maximize lift and volume. A light application of spray, with scrunching using the fingers, gives the curls a touch of definition without compromising the softness of the overall style.

Steeply Beveled Bob

Steeply beveled bob hairstyle
The Cut: This is a steeply beveled bob cut with a horizontally cut fringe.
The Color: The color is a shiny, raven black, utilizing the gloss and shine of the strands to add depth to the color and style.
The Style: The hair is blown out with a round brush to achieve a smooth texture. The lower sections of the hair are backcombed to build volume and create the inverted "V" shape of the style. The bangs are ironed smooth, and a shining product is applied to add definition to the finished hairstyle.

Steeply Angled Fringe

Long hair with a steeply angled fringe
The Cut: This long razor cut features a steeply angled fringe and deep razor texturing.
The Color: The color, a bright golden blonde, is soft and glazed to maximize the play of light in the hair.
The Style: The hair is blown out with a round brush to smooth the upper portions, while the lower sections are dried with a diffuser and scrunched with product for added volume and texture.
Hair: Catherine Mould - Essensuals Hairdressing
Makeup: Irena Rogers
Styling: Milena Mihic
Photography: Jason Hetherington