The Metta

Haircut with a tailored shape
Step by step guide on how to cut a salon friendly style with creative twists and a perfectly tailored shape from Stacey Broughton,
The Metta - Salon friendly yet infused with creative twists, shiny and fresh... a perfectly tailored shape demonstrating method, accuracy and excellence.
Tailored haircut - Before
Before: Metta, before the cut and colour.
Tailored haircut - How to section the hair
Step 1: Sectioning. Separate a triangular fringe section taken from the top of the curve of the head to above the temples. This section will vary according to head shape.
Tailored haircut - Begin with the fringe section
Step 2: Begin with the fringe section. First create a vertical section from the centre to the front hairline, then a horizontal section following the outline fringe shape.
Tailored haircut - Create a curved fringe
Step 3: Assess the fringe section with a small degree of tension. Note: the horizontal sections are directed very slightly back creating a curved fringe from the centre to the temple.
Tailored haircut - Outline the fringe with pointcutting
Step 4: Use a pointing technique and the narrow end of the comb to achieve the outline fringe area, cutting from the centre and working outwards.
Tailored haircut - Cut the fringe
Step 5: Continue with parallel sections throughout the entire triangle section using the initial section as a guide.
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