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The power of the hair color is the star in The Fellowship's latest project. Dedicated to quality and the best in hair fashion, a new collection, Boho Chic, brings together some of the hottest trends in shape, cut and texture with spectacular colors.
Harmony, movement and special effects that make heads turn are presented in eight unique hairstyles. Curls and waves express a free-spirited and flowing lifestyle. The modern boho feel combines a look back to previous decades - we can see traces of the 60s, 70s and 80s in the shapes and stylings - with the latest in hair coloring techniques and hues.

Volume with a Flip

Short haircut with a graduated neck and the hair flipped upward
The mastery of the short haircut shows itself in the smoothly graduated neck. A soft curve reaches from the nape to the crown, starting with just a fingers width of length and then quickly assuming enough length to create this bouncy volume full of curls.
The forehead is dominated by a thick wave of hair, flipped upward, to the side and then back. Color comes in to support and sculpts the exquisite shape in a smooth transition from a dark coffee brown to a light caramel color on top.

Center Part in Nutmeg

60s inspired style for long nutmeg color hair
A muted nutmeg color transitions from darker hues at the lower quarter of the long hair to lighter tones on top and adds a lot of character to the already stunning look. Beautiful waves in the slightly disheveled mane come with much volume and motion. The hair was parted in the center, a nod to the 60s and to the beauty of simplicity.

Dark Cherry Red

Dark hair with cherry red streaks
Intense cherry streaks are nestled between layers of a very dark espresso color. The energy of this color combination fuels the windswept nature of this elegant and extravagant haircut even more. A perfect companion to her light complexion and green eyes, the red sparkles and enchant in high-powered radiance.

Shadow and Light

Short haircut with short sides and neck and long top hair
The wild movement of the long top hair of this short haircut is even more impressive through the light and dark sections of hair that interplay in warm harmonies and fluid transitions.
Very short sides and neck have a distinct and edgy outline, just the opposite to the wild and free formations on the crown. Contrasts are mesmerizing; they bring sparks and second glances.

Ribbons and Curls

Short mahogany curly hair and a hippie headband
The large waves of this short hairstyle may be tamed, but the hair color is not. A rich mahogany tone transitions to a veritable strawberry blonde in the flipped, curly bangs. Curls are well defined for an almost statuesque and clean look, which is loosened up with a chic and casual headband.
A narrow braided ribbon grazes the forehead and ends in several loose strands with hippie happy beads at the ends.

Red Velvet

Long haircut with straight bangs for smooth red hair
The color of a smooth and fruity red wine comes together with gentle and harmonizing highlights in a golden glow to take this adorable long haircut to new vibrations. Extremely straight bangs cover the eyebrows and are beautifully contrasted by the billowy, wavy and flowing sides.
The hair reaches far over the shoulders and connects lighthearted playfulness and casual elegance with an edgy color that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Bodacious Twirls

Updo with corkscrew curls and with the hair piled high
Piled as high as it can be are tons of well-defined twirls and corkscrew curls. The springy creation is shaped to a large oval with the face on the lower edge of this flattering shape. All of the opulence would be enough for a stunning appearance, but the hair color adds a whole other dimension.
Beige blonde is accompanied by strands in a pearlescent pink that seductively wind their way along the front of one side and half of the crown.

Force of Nature

Long hair with volume and an organic brown color
A very organic brown tone, subdued but never dull, elegant in its subtlety and minimalism, comes to life with a golden sheen that is applied in the lower third. Volume and bounce are a beautiful side effect from all of the large waves that condense more and more from top to bottom until they turn into wild curls.
A center part distributes the billowy mass evenly and does not distract from the mere beauty of the long hair.
Hair: The Fellowship for the British Hairdressing Colour Project
Artistic Direction: Mark Creed & Tanya Hennessey
Makeup: Sally Crouch
Photography: Richard Miles
Fellowship Photography: Tony Hennessey
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