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Boho Chic

The Fellowship for the British Hairdressing Colour Project

  • short hair flipped upward
  • nutmeg hair
  • elegant cut for red hair
  • short haircut with long top hair
  • hippie headband
  • smooth red hair
  • hair piled high
  • long hair with volume
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The power of the color is the star in the Fellowships latest project. Dedicated to quality and the best in hairfashion a new collection, Boho Chic, brings together some of the hottest trends in shape, cut and texture with spectacular colors.
Harmony, movement and special effects that make heads turn are presented in eight unique hairstyles. Curls and waves express a free spirited and flowing lifestyle. The modern boho feel combines a look back to previous decades - we can see traces of the 60s, 70s and 80s in the shapes and stylings - with the latest in coloring techniques and hues.
Hair: The Fellowship for the British Hairdressing Colour Project
Artistic Direction: Mark Creed & Tanya Hennessey
Makeup: Sally Crouch
Photography: Richard Miles
Fellowship Photography: Tony Hennessey