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Disco hair fo men and women
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With their new collection, the Moving Hair Art-Team brings a series of incredible versatility into focus. Their inspiration for the shapes, structures and cuts is based on the 1980s and 1990s.
Bernd Nicolaisen, Creative Director: "With the RE-DISCO-VER COLLECTION, we transform the images and moods from back then together with the rhythm and feeling of today. Pure looks with emphasis on the basics are accentuated with undercut sections. Exact, supershort sections connect to the style with soft, slightly voluminous transitions. The play of varying lengths combined with opposites in volume enhances the individual type and offers many styling options to the customer."

Classic in New Colors

Blonde mushroom cut with a graduated neck
The shape is familiar, the details are new. A smoothly curved mushroom cut is defined by its straight cutting line from right behind the ears all around to the other side. The neck is finely graduated and on the sides a supershort lowest layer peeks through in a teasing triangle shape.
The hair color is a beautiful and sparkling combination of light and dark shades of blonde, brought together in wide and narrow strands.


Stunning long hairstyle with a combination of hair colors
Sleek lines are just one of the attractions of this long, appealing mane. Slightly disheveled it is just the perfect style to dance away the night and to look stunning with every move.
The key player however, the element that makes one look twice and then again, is the genius combination of hair colors. Reds, purples, black and fuchsia tones radiate a magic glow, under the disco lights and in the sun. These berry colors, if done right, make a stunning statement.

Cupid's Curls

Raspy short hair with curls and highlights
High volume bounces freely in large curls atop a base of raspy short hair that is cut in a precise line following the curve of the forehead and down the sides to the ears.
The hair does not infringe at all on the face and rather flows freely and playfully in the curly delight which gains even more interest through the distinct highlights. With their light blonde color they are in a strong contrast to the dark blonde base.

Geometry and Texture

Haircut with short contours for men
New wave in a new outfit. Individual elements of this unique haircut for men have been around for a couple of decades but the way they all come together is new. Geometry meets texture and with the two different sides an avantgarde asymmetry develops.
Stubble short contours are topped with a straight-cut one-inch layer which then transitions over the crown into longer and fully textured hair that is slightly flipped up at the ends.

Buzz and Bangs

Buzz cut hair with different lengths for men
The more the better. Three different lengths of hair for this young man and all are clearly defined and separate. A straight cutting line separates the one-inch top part from the buzz cut sides and all is dominated by the long and textured fringe that was styled diagonally and so new-wavy across the face.
Straight and sleek sections alternate with tousled and artfully disheveled areas and all is every shiny in a dark aubergine tone, that almost looks black in places.

Frizzy Bob

Textured bob with an A-line shape
Like champagne to wine is this creation to a classic bob. They come from the same place but the effect is so much more exciting. The a-line shape is textured to the max to give the ends their rebellious and edgy attitude and to create a lot of effervescent action on the head.
All dipped in nutmeg and merlot hair colors and tousled with a lot of passion. Cool, stylish and attractive with a hint of timeless elegance of eras gone by.

Clean Cut for Men

Clean cut hair for blonde men
So neat and bright that it takes a special boldness to wear this style. With the sides at buzz cut length and the longer side-combed top, there are two interesting textures right next to each other, each one reflecting the light in a different way.
The longer section is also cut in a sharp and well-defined line and angle which makes the small, triangular fringe. The ethereal blonde hair color with its immense shine gives it all an almost surreal appeal.

Angles and Spikes

Short hair with a purple color
Dark purple with a few glints in silverish blonde is the ideal color to showcase the lines and angles of this short haircut that boasts refined geometry. Precise cuts and fine texturing, a play with different structures and surfaces - all in a very controlled form results in a rocking and powerful look, only for the strong and bold ones among us.


Fresh short haircut for white hair
Fairy tail princesses of today can do without the boring long braids but prefer a zesty and fresh short haircut with extravagance and style in mind.
The literal frosting on the asymmetrical cake is the bright white hair color, which is enhanced by the contrast of a star-shaped flaring out of a reddish and fuchsia tone from the center of the crown. This look has the appeal of a Cindy Lauper song turned into hair.

Diagonal Seduction

Short female haircut with a sideburn
A mix of textures, lengths and styles is very stimulating to the eyes. This short cut shows a different facet of its personality with every turn of her head. From the extremely short, well sculpted left side with its clear outline and mini sideburn to the long, sweeping fringe that runs into finely layered chops on the other side.
Styling is just as diverse and incorporates fluffed up sections with smooth and ultra-shiny ones. The color is a tempting Bordeaux.

Bundle of Joy

Long bouncy hair with highlights and curls
Be it 80s, 90s or the 2010s - large curls styled to a bouncy, big bundle of pure hairy joy are always in style and always stunning. Some things just never get old. Especially not when, every now and then, new tricks are used to update the look, like a bit of finesse with the hair colors.
Here soft highlights are applied in the merlot and espresso base which give the look sparks and shine. The curls are well-defined but also a bit tousled. A good flexible hold hairspray keeps them so soft and springy.

The Girl with the Power Look

Short women's hair with buzzed sides
The stylish and artistic design shows the creativity of the stylist and the exquisite taste and complex personality of its wearer. Short and long sections are brought together, but remain well-defined and separate.
The buzzed sides are a tease that leads to discover more of the longer lines and the sophisticated layering of contrasting elements. Coal black is the color of choice that intensifies the empowering nature of the cut.
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