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Paris fashion for hair
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The La Biosthetique Paris artistic team has created six looks that are based on Paris and the Parisiennes. The city of fashion and stars, the city of beauty, elegance and style and its inhabitants with their unique attitude.
On the one hand, the hairstyles are rebellious, wild, progressive and androgynous. On the other, they are warm and soft. Bright red symbolizes life and power and the game of light and darkness is also reflected in these creations.

Cubism with Attitude

Short cubism haircut with a long fringe
Attraction in French comes in abstract forms with an architectural structure. Lean, clear lines come together in front to give the long fringe this intriguing shape of an autumn leaf.
Along the sides the short haircut features a clearly separated lower section that stands out even more through the contrast in hair color between the muted copper and the truffle brown along rim and injected into the fringe.

Living on the Fringe

Short blonde hair with a fringe that reaches the jaw line
The fringe is so long that it reaches the jaw line and even follows it. This artistic touch gives the elegant and sensual short hairstyle its unique edge. Cut like a supershort A-line bob with very fine layering and gentle undercut to help the rounded, face hugging shape along.
The back is slightly graduated. It shines in three tones of blonde from a light beach baby to a golden, Parisian Sunset and a darker, smoldering bronze underneath it all.

Over and Under

Smooth medium length hair that hides the face
Smooth layers of hair are styled to overlap each other, creating one interesting structural surprise after the other. The medium long, straight hair is heavily textured in its ends but dense and supple in the rest of the style.
A long sheet of hair partially hides the face, creating a coy but also dangerously mysterious appeal full of held back fire. The heat reflects in the golden brown hair color which runs out to a lighter hue in the tendril like tips of the hair.

Disheveled Glory

Layered and textured blonde hair below the shoulders
Shorter layers around the head keep the volume around the face and on the crown. A thinner level of textured long hair reaches to below the shoulders.
The most remarkable feature is the heavy movement along the crown all the way into the fringe where the hair is styled from left to right and back to create a wild, over and under lapping mane which appears so contagiously liberating and captivates with its carelessness and of course we cannot forget to mention the seductive blonde that reflects the light in a bright halo.

Très Punk

Female punk look haircut with buzzed sides
Eccentricity comes in many shapes and colors. This refreshing and rebellious punky short haircut is abrasive, breaks with conventions, but it still retains an adorable softness and sheer beauty with all its movement and texture.
While the sides are of a kitten soft brown color and buzzed to just a couple of millimeters in length, the top hair rises to its full and festive plumage in an iridescent, sophisticated platinum blonde tone. High fashion goes punk and that even with a French accent. Life is good.

Bright Red Hair Color

Red hair in a short cut with diagonal styling
The diagonal styling gives this short and deeply textured haircut a casual elegance that will leave a lasting impression. The bright red hair color speaks of confidence, bold optimism and determination to blaze one's own path.
It glows in a deep copper with cherry undertones and gives her skin a very porcelain appearance. The hair is layered throughout with the texture increasing its impacts towards the tips of the neck.
Hair: La Biosthetique Paris
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