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Australian Hairdresser of the Year 2009

Selection of Finalists Photos

Hot looks from down under are leaving their colorful mark in the world of hair fashion. As exotic and unique as the continent of their origin, the hair art made in Australia is full of surprises in original shapes, daring colors and astonishing textures.
  • punky haircut
  • bob cut at chin length
  • hair with tousled lengths
  • short haircut with punky spikes
  • Grace Jones look
  • mid-ear bob cut
  • undercut bob
  • trapeze cut bob
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The finalists for Australian Hairdresser of the Year 2009 show a winning mix of inspiration, skill and courage to be different.
Short, medium and long hair cuts are performed with the utmost in precision and stylish balance, yet they are far of the beaten track and can compete with the best in international hair fashion.
The finalist's choices were eccentric, distinctly textured and colorful - at the same time wearable and all of them are winners who cement Australia's fairly new spot on the worldwide fashion map.
Photos: Hair Expo Australia