Australian Hairdresser of the Year Finalists

Hairstyles from Australia
Hot looks from down under are leaving their colorful mark in the world of hair fashion. As exotic and unique as the continent of their origin, the hair art made in Australia is full of surprises in original shapes, daring colors and astonishing textures.
Short, medium and long hair cuts are performed with the utmost in precision and stylish balance, yet they are far of the beaten track and can compete with the best in international hair fashion.
The finalist's choices were eccentric, distinctly textured and colorful - at the same time wearable and all of them are winners who cement Australia's fairly new spot on the worldwide fashion map.

Punky Hairstyle

Punky haircut with short sides for women
A spiky landscape of hairtopia brings motion to the top of the head. Textured strands of a couple of inches in length were skillfully styled to not only defy gravity but also weightlessly and softly flow in different directions.
The pattern they create is punky, fresh and stylish, especially with the contrast of the much shorter and super smooth and shiny sides that were slicked close to the head and down to a pointed neckline.

Chin Length Bob

Black chin length bob with a slight A-line
Dramatic and magical is the language of an exquisite bob. Cut at chin length with a slight A-line it embodies elegant simplicity and timelessness. A strike of genius is the asymmetrical front with a diagonal line smoothing across the face starting at a sharp angle where the fringe meets the side.
The opposite side is gently tapered. The color is a deep but warm black that brings out light colored eyes and pale with a brilliant radiance.

Silver Strands

Long black hair with silver strands
Long hair with the color of licorice is always a sight to behold. With a great cut, stylish structure and a play with colors it becomes breathtaking.
The main elements of this stunning look are the straight bangs in stark contrast to the tousled lengths, which are further emphasized by silver strands in glistening rays like moonlight on very deep water. Volume and shine are natural partners of this style.

Festive Pixie

Short blonde festive haircut with punky spikes
Punky spikes have gone through an elegant makeover and are ready to shine on even the most festive of occasions. The hair gradually lengthens from the shorter sides to the top and features thoroughly textured tips for more definition and motion.
With a few styling tricks it was arranged in a choppy iceberg style with sections meandering in all directions and the center reaching up to the starlit sky. The hair is the color of moonlight - a soft platinum kissed with a warm transparency.

Grace Jones Look

Short blonde hair with cropped sides for a Grace Jones look
Grace Jones made headlines with a similar style in the 80s. The new version is more ethereal and even esoteric in nature compared to the glam look of the "Slave to the Rhythm" singer.
The magic of moonlight is captured in the unusually warm platinum hue that was shaped to a wedge of thick upright hair whose length increases in a gentle slope from the crown to the forehead.
The sides are cropped to the shortest length possible and transitions in a smoothly rounded curve into the bold top.

Pointed Fringe

Mid-ear bob cut for lava-red hair
The lava red corresponds well with the devilish, mischievous expression of the pointed fringe that puts a big V onto the forehead. It must stand for victory, as this style is nothing but a winner.
Based on mid-ear length blunt cut bob it is made for the modern diva who finds her roots in the essence of vintage styles but brings them to a new level. As eccentric as it may look, it is a style of timeless fashion and absolutely wearable. If it seems too extreme, try a different color.

Purple Bob

Undercut bob for purple hair
Purple is the color of passion. Especially when it comes in a haircut so refined and out of this world beautiful. The undercut and rounded bob smoothes around the head in the silky radiance of a warm berry tone, but the real eye catcher is not even the striking color.
The attraction of this look is in the bangs that are shaped to a slow moving swell, the perfect wave, cut with precision along an artfully balanced line.

Trapeze Shape Bob

Trapeze shape cut bob for thick hair
This ravishing trapeze cut bob gets its specific shape from a very straight and blunt cut of thick hair. With the right styling the hair is fluffed up and lifted at the roots so that it comes out full and bouncy without being teased or tousled.
The bangs form a fun contrast with their choppy texture and short length. The hair color is a divine golden blonde that brings back the glamour and glitz that we all need.
Photos: Hair Expo Australia