Sublime Minimalism - Fall 10

Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin

Fashionable hairstyles for women
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The one of a kind fashion created by Ewa Minge has been on an international victory tour, winning over more and more new fans. Now the sophisticated and avantgarde shapes of the renowned designer have inspired a collection of hairstyles that are works of art all by themselves.
The Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin combines elements of sculpture, architecture and geometry to create their elegant and larger than life looks for women who are different and not shy to show it. Innovative shapes still show their classic influences and are put together with extreme intricacy.
Immense focus is on the detail and meticulous finetuning that affects every single hair. Nothing is left up to coincidence. Control and maximum style are the dominant characteristics of this haute couture for our heads to make it through another fall and winter in luxurious style.

Long Hairstyle with Uplifting

Festive long hair with uplifting and curls
Open and free-flowing long hair
Just in time for festive nights of the season! An elegant bulge of the long frontal hair is just the prelude to the crescendo of long and luxurious curls, coiled to perfection right below the shoulders. The symmetry and simplicity are just as intriguing as the luscious volume and open play in contrast to the extreme control on the lifted top section.
A muted brown with broad golden highlights sets a calm and warm tone. For more free-spirited moments the long hair is also stunning in its open and free-flowing form, styled with a short side part and full volume.

Copper Hair Color

Long hair with an outward curve and the shape of a flower
A long hairstyle with the shape of a rare flower and the warm orange-copper color of a winter sunset may just be the right thing to heat up the colder days of the year for you. The sleek lines turn ultra luxury with their length and the gentle but oh so elegant outward curve along the tapered edge.
Just for practical reasons a small wedge is pushed aside to reveal a part of the face, but with the curtain closed the appearance reveals its full sculptural nature and the intricate shape of its style.

Updo with a French Twist

Up-style with crimped hair and a French twist
Intricate tiny waves are the result of elaborate crimping. An effort that is worth it while looking at this artistic result of fine hair art. A balanced roll from the side shows what it's made of from a frontal view.
A French Twist is the godmother of this glamorous updo, but the direction changed from the back to the side and rolled up towards the crown. Mild highlights in light and golden blond bring energy to the muted brown base and enhance the tiny ruffles of the crimps that are created throughout the whole hair.

Cubist Hairstyle

Cubist hairstyle with a triangular shape
A hairstyle that could not be more cubist! The triangular shape reaching from high on the crown to the base of the nose in a smooth curve is the central focus of the otherwise simplistic style.
It is the epitome of minimalism and balances well with the rest of her outfit and make-up. Less simple is the hair color which radiates gentle warmth in an intense, yet subdued red tone.

1920s or 1930s Hairstyle

Long vintage hairstyle of the 1920s and 1930s
What begins as large waves, reminding of long hair styles from the 1920s and 1930s, turns into a wild cascade of less controlled waves and curls. The longer the hair becomes the frothier the curls turn - like a mountain creek that begins slowly and then increases in pace and savage motion.
Pulling the full mass of hair to one side and wearing it over one shoulder tames the wildness not at all, but adds elegance and sophistication.

Bobby-pinned Updo

Updo with bobby-pins
This elaborate style is reminiscent of regal headdresses found in many cultures all over the world. A hairstyle made for celebration and for very special occasions.
The long hair was slung artfully around the head, coiled and then pinned to present a smooth flow that is enhanced by the contrast of light and dark shades of hair color. It is traditional in its core but innovative and very avant-garde in its expression.
Hairstyles: Akademia Fryzjerstwa Berendowicz & Kublin
Dresses: Ewa Minge
Make-up: Monika Kolodziej and Gabriela Gnat
Styling: Gabriela Gnat
Photography: Sebastian Szwajczak
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