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Cebado - Hairstyles 2010

A cornucopia filled with wearable hairstyles comes from Spain, where the traditional house of Cebado created a line of new haircuts for this season and perhaps even the next.
The trend is clear. Geometric forms make room for smooth flowing shapes; harsh colors are replaced by rich, more natural tones. Short and long styles all have bounce, volume and a lot of healthy shine. The hairstyles are modern without the edge. They are wearable every day and can easily be styled for glamour or for the workplace. Easy is the key and beauty is the result.
  • hair that barely touches the ears
  • textured fringe
  • curls styled towards the back
  • basic short cut
  • short haircut for women
  • soft short haircut
  • schoolgirl hairstyle
  • fresh style for long hair
  • city look
  • blonde curls
  • high slung updo
  • reversed ponytail updo
  • haircut for a young man
  • stubbly beard
  • male hair fashion
  • well dressed man
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The new hairstyles have something for everyone. Both men and women can find their perfect hair-match and styles cover all ages, while being timeless creations themselves.
Hairstyles created by Cebado