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Fashion haircuts for the season
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A cornucopia filled with wearable hairstyles comes from Spain, where the house of Cebado created a line of new haircuts for the season and perhaps even the next.
The trend is clear. Geometric forms make room for smooth flowing shapes; harsh colors are replaced by rich, more natural tones. Short and long styles all have bounce, volume and a lot of healthy shine. The hairstyles are modern without the edge. They are wearable every day and can easily be styled for glamour or for the workplace. Easy is the key and beauty is the result.
The hairstyles have something for everyone. Both men and women can find their perfect hair match and styles cover all ages, while being timeless creations themselves.

Easy-going Short Hairstyle

Easy short hair that barely touches the ears
The fringe is just about as long as the sides that barely touch the ears and are designed with a clear contour from the short back to the front. Precise and targeted texture keeps the weight of the hair balanced and creates a very soft and attractive volume.
The fringe itself is light, long and gently sloped to a diagonal line. With all this softness, what could be better than a vanilla blonde hair color with some shiny highlights!

Jagged Hair

Medium length hairstyle with a textured fringe and loose curls
Loose curls boost the volume on the sides in large curves and swirls. The hair is tapered in front and just a few layers throughout make sure that the weight is distributed to where it is supposed to be.
A fun element is the textured fringe with its delicately jagged cutting line that almost touches the eyebrows. This hairstyle shows an attractive mix of casual locks, a modern edge and a lot of feminine energy and vibe.

Hair Brushed Towards the Back

Medium hair with large curls styled towards the back
Large curls are brushed and styled towards the back in sweeping flows that show the trace of fingers or a wide comb raking through. A perfect face framing oval is achieved with the refined cutting technique and the layering that makes sure every hair has its perfect place and length.
A side partition adds sophistication to the hairstyle as does the warm brown base with just a few accent highlights.

Trendy Short Haircut

Basic short haircut for confident women
This power haircut is for confident women who want a look that is not only appealing, intriguing, versatile, but that still brims with boldness and that stands out. Layers increase in length towards the crown and around the perimeter a neat contour has been shaped.
This basic short haircut allows for innumerable fun and intense looks, depending on how the hair is styled. Here the upward and backward motion is super trendy and illuminates her face.

Light and Fluffy Short Haircut

Short haircut for women with natural curls
Just like the perfect pastry, this short haircut is light, fluffy and has a crisp edge. All the contagious movement happened from the back of the crown towards the front and then around to the other side.
A great short hairstyle for women with a natural curl, but even for those without, there are many tools and styling methods available that can put the sensuous curves into the hair. The warm brown has golden highlights in the tips and makes this look even more attractive.

Soft Short Hairstyle

Soft short haircut for curls
A bundle of gently disheveled curls graces the top of her head. They are long enough to cleanly coil but not too long so that the volume stays within bounds. The result is a soft short hairstyle with a lot of dimension and movement.
The fringe is pulled straighter and controlled, but consists only of thin strands in varying widths. The ears are just covered. The hair color is a rich brown, enhanced by subtle light effects.

Center Parted

Center parted schoolgirl look hairstyle for blonde hair
The demure part in the center is just a little bit crooked to avoid too much boring perfection and the "Stepford Wives" appeal. From the smooth and sleek crown the long hair flows down to both sides with large waves and curls emerging around and below the chin line.
The silkiness of the hair is enhanced by the soft colors, a medium ash blond and light golden blonde sections that work together to create a lot of light and shadow for intense depth and movement. A great look even for finer hair.

Long Hair and Little Work

Fresh style for long blonde hair
A fresh hairstyle for women with long hair that would like a lot of style with just a little bit of work. The fringe is masterfully textured and is aided by the tapered sides to frame the face in a flattering and slimming way.
The golden blonde hair reaches below the shoulders and natural movement is highly encouraged and enhanced by styling the tips towards the back in a loose and casual flow.

City Look

Long loose bob for an airy hairstyle
Ever wanted to emulate a hairstyle from the famous "Sex and the City" series and movies? Here is your chance to steal something from Carrie Bradshaw. The long and loose bob is tousled to reach this airy, soft and big volume.
The artful use of huge curls - partially defined, others deconstructed - sizzles with sensual energy and also with fashion appeal and a ton of casual, urban chic. A tantalizing look that can be styled in many ways.

Bouncy Curls

Short blonde hair with bouncy curls
Bouncy, happy curls and natural-looking waves not only pump a ton of volume in this fine blonde hair, but they also bring a lot of flirtatiousness freshness and the feeling of a sunny day in spring time.
A gently disheveled center part allows the short hair to be even on both sides. A pyramid shaped silhouette full of wriggles and effervescent curls in a warm blonde is the result and reminds of many famous women on and off screen who used similar looks to enchant and seduce.

Updo with a Large Knot

High slung updo with a large knot on the crown
The high slung updo is nothing but cosmic and all that is missing is a little wiggle of her nose to make wishes come true. A large knot sits high on the crown in all of its elaborate bows and slings. Its anchor point is also the origin of the long, softly textured fringe.
The 50s and 60s are obviously the inspiration, however today's beehives are softer and are created without teasing the hair close to breakage. A light strawberry blonde is the perfect choice.

Reverse Ponytail Updo

Updo with a reversed ponytail
This could also be called a reverse ponytail since the hair appears to have been gathered in the back of the crown and instead of hanging down the back, it is styled as a golden swoop along the top of the head towards the front where it runs into the fringe, which is not all gelled and sprayed up into a small quiff.

Sporty Office Look

Sporty haircut and highlights for young men
The longer hair on top gives much freedom to play with this young man's hair and style it from an office look to a casual and sporty appearance. Golden Highlights on the medium brown hair are evenly distributed and add to the movement in the side-swept bangs. The sides and back of the haircut are neatly contoured.

Men's Cut with a Longer Back

Classic men's haircut with a longer back
A classic men's haircut with finely outlined sides, a slightly longer back and enough length on top to move the hair in different directions, to keep it neat or rough it up a bit. Who does not love a beard and tousled hair on a man? The hair was cropped to about one inch length and smoothly transitions into the shorter side sections.

Rockabilly Quiff

Male hair fashion with a rockabilly quiff
The quiff has been around for more than 50 years and taken on my shapes and sizes. It has become an iconic and timeless element of hair fashion for men that is reinvented regularly. Here a smaller version is the focus of rather classic, graduated men's haircut and is created by turning the medium long fringe upward to a swooping shape and fixate it with a strong hold product.

Well-dressed and Coiffed Man

Look for a well-dressed and coiffed man
Rugged charm is enticing, but a well-dressed and coiffed man is also much reason to take a second look. With a little product and a good comb all of the traditional men's haircuts with their short sides, graduated backs and slightly longer top hair can be easily transformed from wild to classy and vice versa.
Hairstyles created by Cebado
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