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Sparkle by Framesi

Bring your pixie dust and let's bring some fun and color into the world! Framesi delights once again with a colorful collection of hairstyles which combine the fun with the eccentric, the passionate with the playful. Who needs conformity? Freedom of expression is the word and translated into hair fashion there are no rules, but ultimate perfection in cut and style.
  • short hair with a long section
  • very long fringe
  • short razor textured fringe
  • hair with blue color
  • man with unruly hair
  • buzz cut hair
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Extreme measures were taken to texture the hair, to create asymmetry and to induce so much energy in the style that the air vibrates and even sparkles. Short and long come together in one look, smooth and frizzy textures in another. Each style of this sparkling collection has its own distinct character and is sure to make a lot of new friends out there in fashion-topia.
video Hair: Framesi
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