Sparkle by Framesi

Hair fashion with a combination of short and long hair
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Bring your pixie dust and let's bring some fun and color into the world! Framesi delights once again with a colorful collection of hairstyles which combine the fun with the eccentric, the passionate with the playful. Who needs conformity? Freedom of expression is the word and translated into hair fashion there are no rules, but ultimate perfection in the cut and style.
Extreme measures were taken to texture the hair, to create asymmetry and to induce so much energy in the style that the air vibrates and even sparkles. Short and long come together in one look, smooth and frizzy textures in another. Each style of this sparkling collection has its own distinct character and is sure to make a lot of new friends out there in fashion-topia.
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Short Hair with a Long Section

Short hair with a long section
Boyish short tresses surround the head with their forward-moving texture and encounter a surprisingly long section connecting to the fringe and the side.
All hair is styled from the back to the front and it is textured especially ravishingly along the straight line of the short bangs.
The hair color is a soft nutmeg with sprinkles of gold which guarantees a lot of shine and a warm radiance.

Short Textured Haircut

Short blonde hair with textured sides
Dynamic movement takes our eyes from the high pivot point on the crown along the stylishly textured sides of this short haircut towards the front where a long fringe shrouds the eyes in a frosty mist.
Refined tips, as sharp as icicles, fan out around the neck and an iridescent glow seems to come within each individual hair colored in a vanilla platinum hue.

Long and Winding Neck

Long blonde hair with a short razor textured fringe
Between the short, razor-textured fringe and the ends of the hair in the neck is an immense increase in length that eventually even crosses the collarbone and extends even further.
Fine texture all over allows the hair to flow in silky lightness along the tapered line that frames the face.
The color is a light and very soft ash blonde with a good sprinkle of vanilla sugar. It looks luxurious without being overbearing or artificial in its appeal. The warm natural glow brings even light skin to its highest radiance.

Into the Blue

Dark hair with a blue color effect
A curved line, blunt and of an ethereal transparency reaches from one ear to the other, shaping the low fringe and accentuating her cheekbones.
Right underneath is where all the action happens and the hair playfully moves in wavy, curly and frizzy delight. With the smooth top the whole shape slightly reminds of a frolicking jelly fish.
The blue hair color effects along the front half support this visual kinship with the eternal depth of the big blue ocean.

Born to be Wild

Man with unruly ear covering hair
Ear-covering length explodes into a curly display of optimism and mere joy of live. The unruly crown of this young man features wild forward movement in a darker and light tone of blonde.
The contrast in the color increases the visual dimension and depth while also enhancing the dynamic motion of this trendy do.
The fringe consists of individual tendrils along the forehead and some denser sections on the sides.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut hair
It does not have to be in Bermuda to be a rather fascinating triangle. This one is made of hair, treated with enough gel to stay in place and to outshine all other. It sits atop a buzz cut head with hair as short as it can possible be cut without shaving it. A play of shapes and textures with retro but also futuristic elements.
The dark brown color is just perfect in its subtleness to not outplay the extravagant style.
Hair: Framesi
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