"Rendez-Vous" by Samuel Rocher

Fashion hairstyles for men and women
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"Rendez-Vous" - meet and get to know not another person but yourself. Discover yourself and find the style that matches you best.
The line of fashion hairstyles from Samuel Rocher Salons is intense, defined, distinct and convincing. They are created for strong characters. Made for people who have a sense of self and of style. The collection is bold and features the most unique looks that are adaptable and versatile while never loosing an iota of their power.
Twelve styles for men and women come with the energy of young minds, questioning standards and rules, breaking some, improving on others and creating new ones. While the shapes tend to the extravagant, classy and artistic, the hair colors remain subdued, exuding a calmness that only exists before the storm. Surprise yourself and the world around you. Find out what your hair can do for you!
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Modern and young short haircut with layers
Rebellious short haircut for women
Short young haircut
Rebellious, modern and young hairstyle with a ton of attitude and determination to go against all odds. Short, layered and textured hair makes a statement with its tips that are not only enhanced by the targeted cut but also by light reflexes dyed into them.
The hair is shortest on the sides and increases in length towards the top where much volume bolsters up the crown. Strong movement comes through the forward styling which really shows off the fine-tuned texture of the white-light blonde hair.


Brown bob haircut with one longer side
Bob with an elongated side
The ever beautiful bob gets a new dimension with the strong asymmetry in this feminine haircut. Elegant and self-assured the look dares to break the barriers of the traditional and blaze its own path. This is most evident in the elongated side into which the long, curved and side-swept fringe connects.
The dark brown base color speaks for itself, but gets even more interest and fire with subtle streaks of dark caramel.


Long chestnut brown hair with a tapered edge
Long hair with a tapered edge
Long elegant lines with a tapered edge around the face guarantee classy sophistication for long hair. A center part keeps the balance on both sides where feathered movement towards the back creates wispy volume and a stylish flow of the hair.
The hair color is a deep chestnut with a few lighter accents to create even more depth and visually enhance the motion of the mane.


Short sides and neck haircut with longer top hair
This full volume short style is passionate in nature and mysterious in its expression and movement. The graduated cut keeps the sides and the neck short while the crown hair is allowed to wallow freely and at considerable length to create the utmost volume.
A dark, intense cocoa brown is as deep as the ocean and boasts subtle highlights. This feminine and sensual look is also very versatile and different ways of styling the hair can reveal more and more facets of its character.

Bewitching 2

Classy high volume styling for short hair
Classy short haircut with volume
This version of the previous cut stands out literally through its soft and high volume created by huge curls from the forehead that shorten and become smaller gradually all the way to the nape.
The curved silhouette of this short haircut is super classy and the volume unsurpassed. The sublime hair coloring lends its own power and makes the skin appear like fine ivory.

Corkscrew Curls

Long dark brown hair with corkscrew curls
A look for the woman who loves curls and wants the best of them. A whole head full off corkscrews, some more defined than others and in slightly different sizes to make them look as natural as possible, is a dream come true.
The dark espresso brown vibrates with energy and determination making this look adventurous, powerful and very seductive.


Asymmetrical updo for curly hair
The full mane of the previous picture has many amazing expressions and styling variations. This asymmetrical updo is perhaps the most extraordinary and extravagant incarnation.
A high, triangular pouf sits very off center on the top while the opposite side is demurely pulled to the back where the sleek surface is swallowed by another bundle of charismatic curls.


Festive updo for a slender neck
For many a slender neck is one of the most adored parts of a woman. No hairstyle brings more attention to it than an elegant, elaborate updo.
This festive look moves from a high, sleek top and side section to a back section that is dominated by large curves to the left and the right and that celebrates the beautiful shape of her neck, her shoulders and upper back.


Short sides and neck hair for men
Short sides and neck with a distinct cutting line has been a standard since the invention of short hair for men. But all the neatness would mean nothing without a bit of style. This look has plenty of it on the crown where a wavy pattern is enhanced by a touch of pomade.
A stubbly beard with well-shaped moustache is the perfect accessory for a truly debonair look.


Men's haircut with the sides and back cropped short
Longer hair on top allows for lots of playful or straight forward styling options. Here the textured top hair was loosely structured to show some movement to one side, starting at the low partition.
The sides and back of this man's haircut are cropped extremely short and show off a precise cutting line that stands in an energetic contrast to the free flow above.


Shoulder long hair with layers for men
A modern young man with long hair and the charm of a poet from Shakespearian times. The shoulder long hair has been cut in tapered layers from the lip-line down. The different lengths bolster the volume and keep the shape.
A partition slightly off center is stylish and allows the long fringe to casually flow to the sides. Bohemian style at its best in a warm chestnut brown.

Gentleman 2

Short male haircut with layers and volume
Short hair with waves for men
A short cut for men with hair that is long enough to actually create some volume. At about a couple of inches length the natural wave comes through and with the layers and tapering along the sides the sky is the limit for many interesting ways of styling, from conservative to avantgarde.
This example keeps it timeless and classy. A touch of shine serum does wonders.
Hair: Samuel Rocher, Seiha Pon, Mónica Dias
Coloring: Cristiano Napolitano
Make-up: Agnès Bras
Fashion Stylist: Marta Espadas
Photography: Pedro Pacheco
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