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"Rendez-Vous" by Samuel Rocher

"Rendez-Vous" - meet and get to know not another person but yourself. Discover yourself and find the style that matches you best.
The new line of fashion hairstyles from Samuel Rocher Salons is intense, defined, distinct and convincing. They are created for strong characters. Made for people who have a sense of self and of style. The collection is bold and features the most unique looks that are adaptable and versatile while never loosing an iota of their power.
  • short young haircut
  • sensual bob haircut
  • feathered long hair
  • sensual short haircut
  • classy short hair
  • corkscrew curls
  • curly updo
  • festive updo
  • short hair for men
  • man with short hair
  • man with shoulder long hair
  • short male haircut
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Twelve styles for men and women come with the energy of young minds, questioning standards and rules, breaking some, improving on others and creating new ones. While the shapes tend to the extravagant, classy and artistic, the colors remain subdued, exuding a calmness that only exists before the storm. Surprise yourself and the world around you. Find out what your hair can do for you!
video Hair: Samuel Rocher, Seiha Pon, Mónica Dias
Coloring: Cristiano Napolitano
Make-up: Agnès Bras
Fashion Stylist: Marta Espadas
Photography: Pedro Pacheco