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Spring/Summer 10 Hairstyles Collection

Timeless hair fashion
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The summer streets are filled with glamour, on the fabulous coasts of Europe and anywhere else - if it is up to Samuel Rocher. With nine stunning hairstyles we can celebrate the styles of screen icons from past decades and set the tone for a summer full of sizzle and timeless fashion.
The best of all worlds comes together in the collection in shades of warm browns, spicy reds and radiant blondes and bursting with generous motion, curls, waves and voluptuous volume.
Thanks to Greta Garbo, Elisabeth Taylor, Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot, we were blessed with amazing looks full of luxury, opulence and passion. The cuts that are this charismatic are surprisingly simple and easy to maintain. Vince Cassel, Jean Paul Belmondo and François Truffaut are the godfathers for Samuel Rocher's summer styles for men.

Garbo Bob

Greta Garbo inspired bob cut with a high partition
A graduated neck accentuates the full, soft volume of this elegant carré cut (bob cut). Casual elegance in a powerful package with a nod to one of the most talked about actresses of the last century, Greta Garbo. Simplicity and sophistication come together to a flirty and highly seductive look.
The high partition enables the long bangs to flow across the forehead and half the face in a distinct curve while the sides curl over the jaw line to bring all the attention to her beautiful lips and high cheekbones.

Homage to Liz

Short Liz Taylor inspired hair with layers and large curls
This type of hair turned opulence has bedazzled the fans of Liz Taylor for decades and it is still one of the hottest hairstyles out there for women of all ages. The rounded volume consists of large curls in a layered cut with a side fringe.
The shape of the cut distributes the sheer mass of hair evenly with its widest point at about eye-level. Slightly tousled and bathed in a deep dark copper with golden effects, this look is and will always be one the top knock-out styles.

Greta in Waves

Short bob cut with natural looking curls
A diffuser attachment on the blow dryer or a flat iron can turn the elegant bob from the first picture into a swirling mass of naturally looking curls and waves. With all that motion the volume increases to a fun and playful look.
The slight A-line shape of the refined cut is now even more pronounced. Sun-kissed caramel highlights support the new texture and infuse the hair with that delicious après-sun glow that we all love.

Tousled Taylor

Short layered haircut with curls
Wild and wilder in shape and color. There is no limit to pizzazz and energy hitting our senses with a style so full of thrilling curls and waves. Natural or not, a few styling tools, a diffuser attachment and a flat iron are enough to turn this layered cut into this effervescent extravagance.
The dark copper/cherry wood color brings the warmth and beauty of a summer sunset into the dark hours.

Catherine Deneuve Style

Long hair with balayage highlights for a Catherine Deneuve look
Styles like this are what hair is made for. Full volume in voluptuous curves frames her face in a golden shine that brings back memories of some of the greatest movies ever made and their iconic heroine. La Belle du Jour still thrills today with a style that does not follow but sets and dominates trends.
Long top hair and just a few shaping layers in the lowest part together with a golden color and balayage highlights are the base of this luscious look that gets its final shape through the brushing of long locks and a finishing touch with some shine serum. Soft volume with much lift at the roots is the secret to the perfect look.

Brigitte Bardot Forever

Brigitte Bardot look with long curly hair and long bangs
The famous pout and the long bangs are just two of many elements that make this look so unforgettable and eternal. Long full curls swirl around the face and the added lift on the roots of the crown raises the entire look to iconic status. Some layers along the sides create wispy tips and even volume.

Vince Cassel Look

Short cropped men's hair for a Vince Cassel look
Short cropped hair cut at one length all around comes to live with the charmingly tousled styling on the crown, which is a refreshing contrast to the clean cut and neatly combed sides. All the motion on top comes out even more with the fine highlighting that looks so natural as if created by the summer sun.

Jean-Paul Belmondo Look

Short and stylish men's hair for a Jean Paul Belmondo look
This look is manly and stylish with a hint of adventure and mischievousness - a bad boy with a soft heart and hair that wants to be touched. Layers of dark brown hair with subtle highlights are textured in the very tips to guarantee for a full and slightly rugged fall of the hair.
While the neck and the sides are very short, a generous length in front helps to create the curled fringe.

François Truffaut Fashion

Masculine short sides and neck hair for a François Truffaut look
Short sides and neck are cut with distinct lines that flow into thin and elegant sideburns which then transition to a stubbly but finely groomed beard. Masculine in all its aspect this is a timeless look for men who want an easy to care for style with impact.
Great for the office, the bistro and the art museum, the side parted look with the dynamic combed aside top section gets as much attention today as it did decades ago.
Hair: Samuel Rocher, Seiha Pon, Mónica Dias
Coloring: Cristiano Napolitano, Leo Costa
Make-up: Tânia Carvalho assisted by Cátia Mendes
Photography: Pedro Pacheco
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