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Samuel Rocher

Spring/Summer 2010 Hairstyles Collection

The summer streets in 2010 are filled with glamour, on the fabulous coasts of Europe and anywhere else - if it is up to Samuel Rocher. With nine stunning hairstyles we can celebrate the styles of screen icons from past decades and set the tone for a summer full of sizzle and timeless fashion.
The best of all worlds comes together in the new collection in shades of warm browns, spicy reds and radiant blondes and bursting with generous motion, curls, waves and voluptuous volume.
  • Greta Garbo inspired look
  • Liz Taylor inspired look
  • bob with waves
  • wild short hairstyle
  • Catherine Deneuve look
  • Brigitte Bardot look
  • Vince Cassel look
  • Jean Paul Belmondo look
  • François Truffaut look
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Thanks to Greta Garbo, Elisabeth Taylor, Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot we were blessed with amazing looks full of luxury, opulence and passion. The cuts that are this charismatic are surprisingly simple and easy to maintain.
With the help of modern products, refined coloring and a superior cutting technique there is nothing that screams retro in these looks - all are updated styles that fit to our lives of today and at the same time, with their smoldering sensuality, they are the perfect remedy for low blood pressure.
Vince Cassel, Jean Paul Belmondo and Francois Truffaut are the godfathers for Samuel Rocher's hot styles for men in summer 2010.
video Hair: Samuel Rocher, Seiha Pon, Mónica Dias
Coloring: Cristiano Napolitano, Leo Costa
Make-up: Tânia Carvalho assisted by Cátia Mendes
Photography: Pedro Pacheco