Color Rebels by KLIPP Frisör

Powerful hair colors to make a statement
The four expressive looks of the KLIPP Color Rebels collection are bold and daring. The eccentric hairstyles should be worn with a lot of passion and with a large portion of individualism. Unfortunately, they are not for the faint of heart!
Youthful rebellion is paired with urban street style, resulting in punk and rock-inspired looks for self-confident individualists.
“Following our reserved and purist PUR collection, with Color Rebels we are showing very courageous and futuristic styles. We offer young, open-minded and experimental customers the opportunity for an individualized, extraordinary look, ”says Mario Krankl, world champion hairdresser and creative director of the KLIPP fashion team about this collection.
A perfect, personalized haircut forms the basis for an exciting look in all four models. A special eye-catcher, whether with very long hair or a bob, is the fringe (bangs). Cheeky and short or long and compact, it definitely has to be frayed and textured.
The Color Rebels hairstyles are not very reserved when it comes to hair color. Powerful blue-turquoise meets shades of anthracite, suitable for both the feminine long haircut and the male short cut. Color statements in yellow-green or powerful petrol and purple set exciting, self-confident accents.
In addition to the haircut and color, the unique looks are given their individual style in the finish. Moving, textured hair creates a vibrant and unconventional look.
Look 1 – Amazon
Long hair with extreme colors petrol,blue and gray
The long hair has been colored in shades of mint, petrol, blue, turquoise, and gray. With asymmetrically cut bangs, it has been transformed into a look for a modern city-amazon.
Look 2 – Punk Girl
Punky short haircut and extravagant hair colors for girls
For this punky short haircut, the courage to be extravagant is a prerequisite. The front sections of the hair have been colored petrol and purple.
Look 3 - Fashionista
Bob with extra-long bangs and hair color accents
The bob has been styled with extra-long bangs, and the hair color accents of green and yellow create a look for daring individualists.
Look 4 – Bad Boy
Bad boy haircut with frayed bangs
Men also wear frayed bangs! The short cut in soft mint-petrol gives an extra dose of coolness.
Hairstyles: KLIPP Fashion Team
Creative Director: Mario Krankl
Photography: Gerhard Merzeder
Makeup: Alice Retzl
Outfits: Kleider Bauer
All photos ©KLIPP
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