Buzz Cut by VOG Coiffure

Buzz cut hairstyles collection
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Glamour and liberation ooze out of the Buzz Cut designs by French VOG Coiffure. The six hairstyles in this collection cover all lengths and very different characters from a rebellious short cut and a graphical look to billowing volume.
Those rapturous looks don't have anything in common with the famous military buzz cut. Instead they are truly deserving of this name, since wherever they are seen they are greeted with enthusiasm and they stir up a storm of adoration.
Flexible in styling and always charismatic, the hairstyles concentrate feminine energy, individuality and self-expression in a bold and also sensual way. The boldness of the cut is balanced a little by the choice of pastel blonde colors in cool and warm hues as well as a muted black.

Styled to the Front

Short hair with a short neck and long top hair styled to the front
Style it to the front, the back or the side. Each direction will give this short and intensely textured haircut a new character. The neck is short and gradually lengthens towards the top, where all hair has the same length.
This enables many styling options from wild to classic, with or without bangs. A little gel brings about an instant change. Smoky black makes a bold statement and impact.

Square Cut

Square cut bob for blonde hair
This bob cut comes in its most basic and strangely liberating form. A blunt cut along the chin line gives with no frills, no layers or other tricks creates a beautiful image if minimalism that is at the same time soothing and strong.
A shape this charismatic, needs a statement of a color and the perfect choice is the cool platinum blonde.

Radical Short Haircut

Radical short haircut with a supershort graduated neck
Extreme deconstruction leads to the choppy and radical shape of this fresh and adorable short haircut. The supershort graduated neck transitions into increasingly choppy sides which are part of the smooth curve set up by the short fringe.
The top hair, cut with the same blunt edges and rough layering can be styled in all directions, up or down, depending on the day and the occasion. All is colored in a warm and very mild strawberry blond.

Farrah Fawcett Look

Long and bouncy blonde hair for a Farah Fawcett look
Remember Farrah Fawcett? The "Charlie's Angel" blessed the world with one of the most iconic hairstyles that will forever be connected with her name. This modernized version of Farrah's feathered back hairstyle features long hair throughout with a tapered line around the face.
In comes the brush, a big one... and a blow dryer to style in the luscious round shapes, the bouncy and soft volume and the characteristic back wave that frames the face. A soft vanilla blonde creates an ethereal appearance.

Long Hairstyle with Motion

Long blonde hairstyle with layers for motion
The secret to the motion and the breathtaking volume of this long hair look is purely in the styling. Cut with gentle layers and long tapering on the sides, all the action is blow dried and hot ironed into the long tresses, strand by strand.
Seductive and extremely feminine, this breathtaking effect takes some time, but is so worth it. Perfectly balanced in a warm vanilla blond with subtle highlights.

Stunning Long Hairstyle

Stunning long hairstyle with volume for blonde hair
The most stunning hairstyles usually come with a lot of volume. This billowy, multi-textured mass of a delicious mane bedazzles with its sheer amount and soft color. The hair was layered to assure balanced distribution of the weight.
The lower sections got their tiny waves with the help of a crimping iron and they are topped by generous swirls and curvy dynamic of sleek lengths, that were rendered weightless with the help of some mousse and gentle teasing.
Artistic Director: Bruno Weppe for VOG Coiffure
Photography: Hagay Elle
Make-up: Micky
Styling: Coco
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