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Buzz Cut

VOG Coiffure

Glamour and liberation ooze out of the Buzz Cut designs by French VOG Coiffure. The six hairstyles in this collection cover all lengths and very different characters from a rebellious short cut and a graphical look to billowing volume.
Those rapturous looks don't have anything in common with the famous military buzz cut, instead they are truly deserving of this name, since wherever they are seen they are greeted with enthusiasm and they stir up a storm of adoration.
  • short hair styled to the front
  • square cut bob
  • radical short haircut
  • Farah Fawcett look
  • long hairstyle with motion
  • stunning long hairstyle
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Flexible in styling and always charismatic the hairstyles concentrate feminine energy, individuality and self expression in a bold and also sensual way. The boldness of the cut is balanced a little by the choice of pastel blonde colors in cool and warm hues as well as a muted black.
Artistic Director: Bruno Weppe for VOG Coiffure
Photography: Hagay Elle
Make-up: Micky
Styling: Coco
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