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Beautiful hair
This delightful hairstyle collection showcases a variety of looks, from long styles adorned with waves and curls to choppy short haircuts and glossy 1950s-inspired bobs. Each hairstyle is attractive, provocative, and beautifully finished, complemented by subtle hair colors perfect for spring and summer.

Platinum White

Platinum white short hairstyle with textured ends
The provocative allure of white platinum takes center stage in this short hairstyle, featuring fashionable textured ends and jagged layers that gracefully cascade from the head. A choppy zigzag side part adds dimension, sweeping the top over for a thicker appearance on the forehead. Achieve this chic look with styling crème and finishing spray.

Gathered Spiral Curls

Long brunette hair with spiral curls
Cascading from a sleek, irregular side part, long brunette layers unfurl into mesmerizing spiral curls that gracefully frame the model's shoulders. The allure of this hairstyle is undeniable, akin to that of an enchanting kitten. Achieve this look with a spiral curling iron.

Curls Below the Shoulders

Long hair with tussled layers and curls
This enchanting long hairstyle, adorned with tousled layers in every direction, evokes the feeling of just waking up in the morning. Featuring heavy bangs and a mix of thin and thick curls, it cascades below her shoulders in a carefree manner. Achieve this look with a large curling iron.


Short platinum blonde haircut with exaggerated layers
This short platinum blonde hairstyle exudes sophistication at its peak creativity, featuring exaggerated layers reminiscent of feathers. Small curls add texture to other sections, while sectional bangs gracefully frame the forehead. Achieve and maintain this glamorous look with the help of gel and spray.

Perfectly Coiffed Short Bob

Short blunt bob with bangs
In this perfectly coiffed bob, the classic blunt haircut gets a new charm with delicate edging around the back, textured sides, and bangs. Adding to its allure are the tiny selections of strands that have been delicately crimped. Achieve this look with a small crimping iron.

Face-Framing Hairstyle

Short and shiny face framing 50s bob
Crafted with a smoothness akin to glass and a shine as silky as silk, integrated slices of blonde and brown hair color gracefully frame the model's face. The energy of the hair accentuates the beauty of the eyes. Achieve this stunning short bob hairstyle with texturing cream and gloss.

Long Lush Curls

Long hair with lush curls
The enchanting allure of long, luscious curls and waves captivates many an onlooker. This crème de la crème style starts with a center part and incorporates blonde highlights interspersed throughout the brown strands. Achieve this look with a curling or spiral iron.

Waves and Curls

Long hair with waves, curls and an angled side part
This long hairstyle is a delightful discovery, featuring an angled side part with serene, cascading waves that gently dip and fall, meeting gathered curls at the ends. Marvelously mysterious, it lends an air of authority. Achieve this look with a spiral iron.
Hair: Susan Hall @ Reds Hair & Beauty
Photography: John Rawson @ trp
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Make-up: Liz Rochford @ trp
Color & Products: L'Oréal
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