Modern Classics by KLIPP Frisör

Classic hairstyles with a modern interpretation
Classic hairstyles with a modern interpretation. The Modern Classics looks by KLIPP are extremely relaxed. Whether the hair is long, in a bob, or short, waves and curls in different variations are a must-have.
Mario Krankl and the KLIPP Fashion Team are once again demonstrating perfection in hairdressing. The trend hairstyle is, and remains, the bob in its different variants. The comeback of the (permanent) wave is evident in both short and very long hair. With the look of the Modern Classics collection, you are definitely right on trend.
Afro look reloaded
Long Afro hair look for women
This cool interpretation of the Afro look is strong and powerful. Long strands of hair with small curls form the basis for this modern classic.
Curly revival
Medium length style for curly hair
Voluminous curly hairstyles and perms are making a brilliant comeback. The trend is modern and confident, regardless of whether you have long or medium-length hair.
Business punk
Stylish short haircut for business women
The punk mohawk is the inspiration for this extraordinary look. With a stylish, modern touch, this short haircut is entirely suitable for businesswomen.
Gentle waves
Long hairstyle with gentle waves
An irresistible, feminine look. The waves in this classic long hairstyle are gentle and attractive.
Undone glamour
Glamorous long hair with undone styling
Timeless Hollywood waves interpreted in a modern way with undone styling. Perfect for long, strong hair.
Short blonde
Cute short haircut for blonde women
Anyone who still thinks that only long hair exudes feminine charm will be convinced of the opposite with this look. Warm blonde meets a cute and casual short haircut.
Modern long bob
Modern long bob with a center parting
Almost everyone loves a bob, and so do we, of course. The long bob, in particular, has become a real classic. This long bob with a center part and gentle waves was styled in a playful and romantic way.
Casual cut
Casual cut for men
This man is wearing his hair in a relaxed and casual style. The transitions between the longer top hair and the side sections are soft. The styling is casual.
All photos ©KLIPP