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Suspense by BUNDY BUNDY

  • short bob
  • 1940s look
  • new pixie
  • hair for a night out
  • bob with soft waves
  • stunning pixie
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With the blonde beauties of the new BUNDY BUNDY collection "Suspense", old master Alfred Hitchcock would certainly have his pleasure. In terms of color, there is a clear recommendation from the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team: Blonde! No other hair color is more feminine, attracts so much attention and radiates more beautifully in the sun.
The expert team has developed a new mixture of colors: Shimmering Blonde. Warm and cool blonde nuances, from honeyblonde to pearlblonde, are mixed with each other and matched to the wearer. Skin tone and eye color are the decisive criteria when selecting the nuances.
The clear trend of the season is versatile layered cuts for all hair lengths. For this collection the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team developed a new precise cutting technique. The hair on top of the head is a bit longer than the rest of the hair. Flowing layers ensure simple styling and allow for a variety of hairstyles.
The special feature of this new collection is that the haircuts, whether short or long, were cut with the same technique. Especially in summer hair has to be air-dried. With the new cuts of the "Suspense" collection this is surprisingly easy.
Good news for all curly heads: This summer we wear our hair with clearly more movement. Light waves and lively curls celebrate their big comeback. But do not worry: the BUNDY BUNDY artistic team also helps women with very smooth hair to more momentum. With its own techniques, curling is also conjured into smooth hair.
The BUNDY BUNDY artistic team uses curling irons, curlers and straighteners, which are used to create individual curls. With these tools the complete flexibility is maintained for short and long hair.
Hair and photos: ©BUNDY BUNDY
Photography: Inge Prader