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Farouk Systems Europe

Fall-Winter 2012 Hairstyles

  • very short hairstyle
  • spiky short haircut
  • easy short haircut
  • lifted short hair
  • undercut bob
  • pink hair
  • pink waves
  • modern bangs
  • front chignon
  • male hair fashion
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Think Pink! One of the hottest colors of the season is, like it or not, a cotton candy pink. Farouk Systems Europe picks up this trend in their fall - winter collection together with other very yummy colors, cuts and stylings. Daring is the word and self expression a given, with no limit to the imagination nor to the palette. Strong textures in bold cuts, mostly short, dominate the scene.
Movement, versatility and a good dose of sexy is the common trait. The new hairstyles are presented here with an example of how flexible the styling options are. You find one "tame" version and suggestions on how to style the same cut for the hours after dusk.
Hair Design: Patrick Kalle - Farouk Systems Europe
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