Glamorous by KLIPP Frisör

Glamorous hairstyles emphasize the character of the wearer
KLIPP Frisör presents its collection with the promising moniker "Glamorous". Perfect hairdressing transforms seven natural beauties into glamorous, radiant personalities, emphasizing and maintaining the individuality and character of the wearer.
True, Glam, Pure, Smart, Chic, Wild, and Charm are representative of seven unique and meaningful looks that impress and are enhanced by powerful, lively hair colors and enchanting styling. Real treasures are often hidden. The Glamorous hairstyles collection is an invitation to discover true, natural beauty in a glamorous way.
Harmonious, lively colors
All looks are colored with Essensity from Schwarzkopf Professional, providing intense, extraordinary tones for fascinating hairstyles. For women, the color palette ranges from light sandy blonde to soft pastel pink and bright autumn leaves to earthy Havana brown. The man wears natural cedar brown to match his beard.
Classic, modern cuts
When it comes to the cut, it is important to underline the personality and beauty of the wearer. Graphic bob, short haircut with structured top hair and a classic long haircut with soft gradation - the cuts, perfected down to the last detail, appear deliberately simple and offer the wearer various styling options.
The man wears longer top hair with flowing transitions and soft contours.
Glamorous, feminine stylings
For women, it can be a little more. You can recognize the perfection of hairdressing craftsmanship in the attractive styling. Carefully laid water waves, gentle Hollywood waves, and cheeky, wild twist curls set the tone and show the range of waves and curls. The well-groomed man is relaxed, casual, and very masculine.
True - Natural Charm
Cute short haircut with a short neck section and jagged bangs
That femininity and elegance are not a question of hair length is proven by this cute short haircut. The precisely crafted cut, with a short neck section and fine textured transitions to the longer top hair and jagged bangs, exudes magical charm.
The cut is accentuated by an extraordinary hair color. Pastel pink as the base tone is complemented by violet areas and color blocking creates defined color transitions.
Glam - Enchanting Femininity
Long hair with a middle parting and glamorous waves
Feminine Hollywood waves are glamorous in both color and styling. The middle parting and the smooth areas on the top of the head create a strong contrast to the gently flowing waves. The soft gradations in the front area of the classic long haircut ensure movement in the hair.
The natural Havana brown hair color transitions into a soft, honey blonde ombré at the tips.
Pure - True Radiance
Asymmetrical updo with curls on the side
A classic, long haircut without layers is the starting point for this graceful, asymmetrical updo. The hair on one side and at the back is wrapped. The rest is draped in voluminous curls on one side.
The bright, sandy blonde underlines the high level of craftsmanship and helps to focus on the essentials.
Smart - Masculine Nonchalance
Hair for an elegant masculine look
Naturalness in cut and color are setting the tone for this man's look, with gentle transitions and flowing, soft contours contributing to an elegant, sporty hairstyle. A well-trimmed beard should not be overlooked.
A color treatment in cedar brown gives the hair more shine and depth.
Chic - Sophisticated Elegance
Short hair with vintage water waves
This short hairstyle reminds us of the beauty and elegance of the 1930s. The artfully hand-crafted water waves that reach deep into the forehead require a high level of craftsmanship. A curling iron creates volume in the sides.
The updated vintage look is perfected by its powerful colors. Fall foliage copper serves as the base color, transitioning into autumn leaves purple. Different shades of color arise depending on the angle of incidence of light.
Wild - Stormy Encounter
Long hair with small curls
The curly hair is wild and boisterous yet gentle and glamorous. The small curls are created by rope-twisted hair that is pinned up and dried. After gentle brushing, a natural volume miracle is revealed. The warm, brown tones underline the uniqueness of this exotic look.
Charm - Tempting Mixture
Medium length hair with curls and frayed bangs
Soft, natural curls meet a play of colors. The intense, bright fall foliage red sets the tone and is made for the gray days of autumn.
The medium-length, layered hair, together with its natural curls, ensures a lot of movement. The smooth, frayed bangs provide a great contrast to the curly hair. Girlishly playful with glamorous charm!
All photos ©KLIPP Frisör