Audacious by Camille Albane

Feminine hair
Bubbly and ultra-feminine, the Camille Albane woman asserts a trendy and unique beauty in which every detail matters.
From precisely layered and tapered cuts and colors with subtle tones to punchy makeup and thoughtfully designed, colorful accessories, the Audacious Spring-Summer collection amplifies your unique personality.

Unstructured Bob

Layered bob with long diagonal bangs
This haircut proves that shifty is the new sexy. The model’s hair has been cut into a short, layered bob with exaggerated diagonal bangs that cover a large portion of her face. The behind-the-ear style accentuates the unstructured effect of this bold haircut.
The stylist decided to make the longer side of the haircut the focal point by styling most of the hair in that direction and adding interesting color contrasts. Nordic blonde coupled with a medium brown base highlights the jagged edges and disconnected layers of the style, making it the perfect "statement" style for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd.

Braid Interplay

Hairstyle with braids
Camille Albane has embarked on a journey of evolution and is set on pushing the boundaries of hair couture. In a world where everyone seems to be obsessed with going bigger and better, this XXL Bohemian-inspired style is no exception.
The model's hair has been sectioned into different subsections and braided into plaits that spill over the edges of the face. The trick to making this hairstyle work is to slightly unravel the braids by pulling pieces of it into wider sections. The thicker, tousled braids look magnificent with this fiery copper-red hair color fused with golden blonde sections in between.

Beautiful Curls

Hairstyle with natural looking curls
Just when you thought the world had moved on from medium-length connected layers, Camille Albane threw this wild card onto the table. The model's copper-red base color has been set alight by adding golden blonde highlights, especially to the tips, but also scattered along the top of the head.
Generous, natural-looking curls are styled with resolve to the front of the style, spilling abundantly over the model's ivory forehead and cheeks. This hairstyle is based on offsetting contrasts of color and length in such an articulate manner to make opposites fuse together flawlessly.

Rebellious Updo

Glossy updo with wet look gel styling
When in doubt, go for an androgynous chic look with a glossy updo. This look has swept across catwalks, red carpets, and fashion magazines like a wildfire, and shows no signs of cooling.
The stylist applied a small amount of wet-look gel to the model's damp hair and combed it into three vertical sections running from the forehead to the nape. The side sections have been twisted upward and inward, creating sleek rolls that have been pinned neatly into place.
The focal point of the hairstyle is the top twisted section that reminds one of a hybrid between a glossy roll and a Mohawk. Intense orange-red makeup and nails intensify the feeling of a warrior woman with this look.

Ultra-feminine Tapering

Hairstyle with tapered ends
This seventies-inspired hairstyle with rounded contours is the ingenious product of combining connected layers and thinning shears to maximum effect.
The tips of the hair have been thinned out to create a feather-soft effect, which works well with straight, medium-to-thin hair. The stylist held the cutting shears at a 45-degree angle inward when cutting to ensure that the hair curled inward. Tapered ends add movement and bounce to the hairstyle.
The natural brunette hair color offsets the electric blue eyeliner beautifully. The model's bangs have been styled in a unique pattern, with the inner-middle tresses folded over each other. The same pattern is continued towards the temples, creating a simple yet impressively distinctive look.

3D Movement and Volume

Hairstyle for when you are growing out a pixie cut
This is a really beautiful hairstyle for when you are growing out your pixie cut or even when you are going from long to short. The back and lower sides are short and heavily layered, while the top of the style is kept full and much longer.
The bangs are the focal point of this style, and they receive full attention thanks to the light-blonde highlights that have been incorporated along the face and especially in the bangs section. Contrasting play between dark and light, as well as length and depth, is the real secret behind the pristine feminine beauty of this style.

Wild and Tousled

Hairstyle for curly medium length hair
This is a perfect hairstyle for women with naturally curly, medium-length hair. The stylist enhanced the model’s natural curls with a medium-barrel curling iron, but left the tips of the hair flat. The flatter ends radiate a superb au-natural look, which is mirrored by the model's playful yet understated glasses.
This look personifies the epitome of the "girl next door" attraction. If you have curly, fine hair, make sure your curls don't fall flat by using a small amount of dry-look wax to keep your hair looking fresh and voluminous. Use your fingers to create airy volume.

Seventies Glamour

Bouncy seventies hair with layering
This alluring hairstyle is a flawless hybrid look between a seventies siren and a modern nymph. Staying true to the Camille Albane spirit, the colorist incorporated natural-looking golden highlights with the model's auburn-copper base color to create a dazzling effect.
The model's hair, which is of fine, medium density, has been blow-dried inward with a large-barrel brush for maximum volume. A few tong-created curls are also scattered throughout the style. The exaggerated diagonal bangs scattered with golden sun streaks are the focal point.
The bouncy cut was created using a layering technique. The tips of the hair have been slightly thinned out for extra texture and movement. Stylists are always careful not to thin out fine, straight hair too much, as this usually proves to be disastrous.

Geometric Chic

hair with different lengths
The Camille Albane brand is well known and celebrated for drawing inspiration from the past while possessing a magical sort of insight into future fashion; and ultimately fusing these two realms. This hairstyle is the very essence of Camille Albane.
Smooth layers, gleaming curves, and sheer angles are blended with varying lengths and traditional contours to create this uniquely geometric style. The bangs stand out harmoniously while mixing with the long contours and graceful neckline.
Golden light-brown highlights have been added to the middle of the top section, while the side sections have been colored a dark brunette. The color and depth interplay used with this hairstyle are the main ingredients in this look's recipe for success.
Hairstyles: Camille Albane
Photography: Nicolas Valois