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"Color Me Up" by VOG Coiffure

  • simple semi-short hair
  • hairstyle for a youthful look
  • stylish short hair
  • short hair with curls
  • hair extensions
  • cinnamon bun
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“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. Wise words by Coco Chanel!
Short hair on a woman screams that she is independent, modern, rebellious and ambitious. You might want to follow a new trend or you simply find it difficult to care for your long tresses. Fret not as we have found the perfect solution to make semi-short or short hair your new best friend.
We’re bringing creativity back by transforming shorter hair from bland and boring to flirty and fun. Learn more about these hairstyles, how easy they are to maintain and how versatile they can be. Go ahead, make a short change and have everyone stare! And when you want long hair again for a while or for a special occasion, you can opt for clip-on extensions ...
Hairstyles: VOG Coiffure Artistic Team
Make-up: Vesna Peborde
Styling: Tania Zekkout
Photography: Thibaut de Saint Chamas