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Zeitgeist by NICNOA Friseurhandwerk

  • black hair with blue streaks
  • charming short hair
  • short bob with a curve
  • red hair with long waves
  • manly hairstyle
  • gray hair for men
  • loose styling for mens hair
  • old fashioned mens hair
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Zeitgeist is one of the German expressions that don't find a single word equivalent in the English language, thus it got adopted in its original form. It stands for the spirit of the time and collective tendencies in thought that are also expressed in fashion. Art is a mirror of the time and the culture it is born in.
NICNOA Friseurhandwerk translated the current Zeitgeist into a collection of hairstyles under the same name. Graphic lines, bold and unusual colors define three short cuts for women, which are joined by a flame of hair cascading in strong waves.
Men wear their hair short, but alive with movement and accentuated with intriguing colors and shaped with modern styling products.
Hair: NICNOA Friseurhandwerk