Zeitgeist by NICNOA Friseurhandwerk

Tendencies in hair fashion
Zeitgeist is one of the German expressions that don't find a single word equivalent in the English language, thus it got adopted in its original form. It stands for the spirit of the time and collective tendencies in thought that are also expressed in fashion. Art is a mirror of the time and the culture it is born in.
NICNOA Friseurhandwerk translated the current Zeitgeist into a collection of hairstyles under the same name. Graphic lines, bold and unusual colors define three short cuts for women, which are joined by a flame of hair cascading in strong waves.
Men wear their hair short, but alive with movement and accentuated with intriguing colors and shaped with modern styling products.

Horizontal Lines

Shiny black hair with a blue line
Black hair with blue streaks
Short and slick black hair
Short black hair with blue color accents
The bangs and the sides are equally impressive with their horizontal straight lines. A sharp corner accentuates her cheekbones, an attractive little trick that also comes with a still trendy retro feel.
All the strict geometry is countered and softened by a little curve in the fringe and the bright blue line making the movement very visible in her shiny black hair. All of the hair is styled slick and close to the head, like a helmet of fashion.

Charming Short Cut

Short hair cut and a buttoned up blouse collar
Charming short hair with a curved fringe
Beautiful shades of color let her curved fringe stand out. The short hair was cut with geometrical lines but styled for softness and flow. A little sharp corner coming in from the sides makes a modern point and the short back keeps her neck cool.
The base color is a muted ash blonde and it has accents of a rose blonde interspersed in thin strands and also as a wider transitioning shadow in the bangs. The hair was lightly lifted at the roots to create a little volume and a wee flip on the very edge of the bangs provides a twinkle. Her natural eyebrows are also a rather intriguing combination for the stylish haircut.

Sleek Bob with Variations

Sleek bob with a curve
Short bob cut with volume
Short bob with ruffled styling
You can wear it sleek or ruffle it up. This short bob has a lot to give and boredom is not part of its nature. In its most elegant version the hair is straight with minimum volume, but with a beautiful curve that accentuates the shape of her features.
It runs the length of the fringe down to the side where it overlaps just a bit with the second small curve that runs around her neck. The blonde breaks down in strands of gold, platinum, a hint of hazel and beige blonde.

Red Waves

Long red hair with waves and loose tips
Red hair in combination with pink clothes
The eternal flame and seductive nature of red hair burns brightly in these long waves. Sexy from the centered part to the loose tips, this disheveled mane frames her face in timeless beauty.
It is here combined with pink lipstick and a pink sweater, which makes for quite a surprising contrast that actually works. The hair is cut in long layers that aid with volume, shape and fresh texture throughout the hair.

Manly Style

Hair for a sexy masculine look
Manly style for hair
The essence of sexy masculine looks is all in this cut. A little volume on top and narrow sides are taken from traditional men's haircuts, however there is a bit more length involved. It is combed to the back and styled to a wave above the forehead.
To keep the hair in place a wax or light pomade are the most helpful products which also add shine. The styling options for this look are endless.

Gray is the New Black

Gray hair with streaks for men
You don't have to wait for it to come naturally. Gray is a new fashion hair color and also comes in little bottles. It is especially attractive when it has a blue touch and black streaks to offset any potential monotony.
In this longer and combed back haircut it works especially well since it resonates with the color of his eyes. The styling is casual and very sexy, mostly done with a bit of modeling serum on the finger tips.

Ruffled Fringe

Loose and unstructured hair for men
A loose and unstructured styling gives his layered short cut a boyish look. The ruffled fringe is light and casual, not weighed down with heavy products. He just washes his hair, perhaps adds a little modeling crème, styles with the fingers and is ready for his day.
The sides are neat and short and all of the fun is in the longer top hair. Of course there are other options. Check out the following look to get an idea.

Pomade Look

Slick old fashioned hair with pomade for men
Shine and shape comes easy with a few drops of a good pomade or hair oil. The old fashioned looks for men are back and as dapper as they ever were. His slick style keeps all of the hair neatly out of his face and makes him look like he just completed a million dollar deal.
A fine comb is the only tool needed to style the hair back, keep it close to the sides and lift it for a little volume on top.
Hair: NICNOA Friseurhandwerk