Carpy Coiffeur - AW 09-10

Hairstyles for every day wear
Any time is a good time for a make-over. Carpy Coiffeur has a new selection for the colder season full of wearable, chic hairstyles for women and men and so many of them that everyone should be able to find the perfect match.
The key elements of the new Carpy Coiffeur collection are distinct lines, geometric shapes with either sharp lines or curly softness. A little asymmetry puts the frosting on the cake or the style into the hair and comes in short to long looks.
Hair colors are earthy, rich and come in a large range of browns and even a light blonde. The message is stylish for everyday wear.

Bob that Turns Inward

Same length bob with ends that turn inward
Purity of shape and color were the goal that led to this chocolaty smooth bob. The classic lines of this all time favorite were pushed to the extreme with a high side part and a liquid flow of the hair across the face.
All hair was cut at the same length with just a little undercut to help it turn inward for a softly rounded curve around the perimeter.

A-line with Twist

Bob haircut with a steep cutting angle
An especially steep angle takes this A-line bob out of the realm of the ordinary and that is not all. The classic favorite also features a zigzagged partition that brings movement to the crown and a fun asymmetry to the front where the bangs are extended below the length of the main cut. What a chic way to get your feelers out!

Bob with Curls

Short bob with curls and a blouse with an upturned collar
Bob cut for curly hair
These curls have a melody. It is smooth and warm and will make you feel elated and beautiful. The curls are shaped to various sizes with the largest ones at the bottom. The top curls are as soft and fluid as smoke rings and bring unbelievable lightness to the voluminous bob.
This look appears casual but is full of sophistication and finesse. The blouse with an upturned collar and the haircut go together perfectly.

Curly Plunging Bob

Short plunging bob for brown curly hair
This bob turned romantic with a load of well-defined curls. Notice the different size of curls - this gives it a very natural appeal. The base cut is an angled bob with a short back and a long, steep line towards the chin.
The texture of the hair softens the geometry of the classic cut and together with the deep brown it brings a lot of heat to those cooler days.

Sharp and Sweet Haircut

Short women's haircut with clean and neat lines
A clean and neat line framing the face is just one of the attractive assets of this short haircut. With its finely cropped style the amount of styling options is only limited by your creativity. Here the lower half, closest to the face was kept close to the head with a smooth surface and spick and span attitude, while the crown hair is full of rebellion and fun movement.

Blonde Hair with Bangs

Long blonde hairstyle with curls and straight bangs
Vanilla blonde curliness is just the right remedy for all those gray fall and winter days. Bring some iridescent sparkle into your life with a soft blonde hairstyle full of luscious and light curls.
The straight bangs are cut right above the eyebrows and form a stylish contrast to all of the flirtatious goodness swirling around the shoulders.

Professional Long Hairstyle

Professional long style for brown hair
This long look is all grown up and ready for the world. Be professional without sacrificing style or length. The perfect mix of long, soft flowing hair and large, defined curls is full of style and finesse while keeping its sensuous and flowing nature.
The hair color is a sassy espresso brown that flatters most skin tones and soothes with its grounded earthiness.

Updo for Medium Hair

Updo for medium length hair
You don't need long hair to wear chic updos. This one is styled high and lofty and looks as if there was quite some length piled up, but the short tresses that are playing in the nape betray the medium to short haircut that is the base of this extravagant creation.
A textured graduation in the back and hair long enough to be fastened with combs in the back as all that is needed to look this spectacular.

Flamenco Quiff

Updo with a Flamenco quiff for medium long hair
Medium long hair can turn into quite a sophisticated look with just a little bit of imagination and a little skill. A medium long bob with a long front was most likely the start to this passionate updo that includes a few nods to classics but adds a whole new twist with a short, cropped section right at the onset of the nape.

50s Beehive Up Style

Hair in a 1950s beehive updo
The iconic 1950s beehive up-style has more lives than any cat and comes back every now and then in a new outfit.
In this darling example the mass of hair was piled up high in a softly woven bun that does not hide the individual strands but plays them off in a whirling, defined and product-textured turbulence - barely tamed with a beautiful headband holding a huge flower in a shade just a few hues darker than the brown delight of the hair.

Long Men's Hair

Long men's haircut with bangs
Men's hair is getting longer again. But not just the length increases, the styling does so as well. Here his thick hair was layered to take off some weight and to distribute it well and evenly around the face.
The still voluminous mass was given one direction with the long diagonal bangs and all of the hair follows this flow.

Curly Hair for Men

Long hairstyle for men with curls
The hair is always a preferred medium to express individuality and personal fashion style. A deconstructed curly hair look with just a slight deliberate messiness is a great hairstyle for men who prefer to remain outside of any box.
Creative styling options galore and attractive volume are a given with this long textured, layered haircut that comes in a velvety brown but looks great in all other colors as well.
Hair: Carpy Coiffeur
Photos: © Filippe Darocha
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