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Carpy Coiffeur

Hairstyles Spring Summer 2009

Androgynous looks will give you plenty of exposure and help you keep your head cool during spring and summer. Carpy Coiffeur envisions short, neat haircuts with a variety of fun bang shapes for men and women.
Besides a perfect cut it is the texture that makes each hairstyle unique and by playing with different techniques there is a whole new world of styling options. Bangs are long and often styled to the side, textured or straight. Wear them the way you like, but make them a central part of your look to stay high up on the trend scale.
  • long hair with a long diagonal fringe
  • medium long hairdo
  • long pageboy
  • bangs swept to the side
  • tidy short hairstyle
  • cute short haircut
  • wavy fringe
  • short hairstyle with waves.
  • short 50s haircut
  • short male haircut
  • short haircut for men
  • young man with slick bangs
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For those who prefer longer hair, Carpy thought of some fun and stylish options as well. Of course bangs are also an integral part of these styles.
Color does not quite take a back seat in this collection, but all hues are humble, natural and don't take any attention away from the styling.
Hair: Carpy Coiffeur
Photos: © Filippe Darocha
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