SS09 by Carpy Coiffeur

Neat haircuts for men and women
Androgynous looks will give you plenty of exposure and help you keep your head cool during spring and summer. Carpy Coiffeur envisions short, neat haircuts with a variety of fun bangs shapes for men and women.
Besides a perfect cut it is the texture that makes each hairstyle unique and by playing with different techniques there is a whole new world of styling options. Bangs are long and often styled to the side, textured or straight. Wear them the way you like, but make them a central part of your look to stay high up on the trend scale.

Long Brunette Hair

Long brunette hair with a long diagonal fringe
Long brunette hair with a delightful mass of curls swirling in its lower half gets a lot of momentum not only through the light airiness of the volume but mostly through the determined, diagonal line of the long fringe resulting from a high side partition.
The hair looks silky smooth and natural with just a few distinct styling elements that elevate the open and free look to a refined hairstyle.

Bangs Across the Face

Medium long haircut with long bangs across the face
It's all about the direction for this medium long haircut. The long bangs glide diagonally across the face and set the tone for the rest of the hair to follow.
Smooth curves with textured ends and a high crown round off the attractive picture and softly hug the neck. The hair color is a nutmeg tone with golden blonde highlights.

Long Pageboy

Long pageboy haircut with a point-cut fringe
A hairstyle fit for a beauty queen adorns women all over the world and has done so for several decades. However, the long pageboy cut never gets old. Carpy reinvented this evergreen with fine details as a point-cut fringe, a hint of a wave and a soft, yet straight cutting line that almost touches the shoulder bone. A deep cappuccino is a sophisticated choice of color.

Sassy Hairstyle

Feminine short A-line cut with the bangs swept to the side
Feminine lines compete with short and wispy feistiness in this super sassy hairstyle. The basic idea is an A-line haircut, which, in this case, has been deconstructed and re-invented with a lot of movement and texture.
The long and heavy bangs were swept to the side, and a deep walnut brown is the perfect color for this look.

Low-maintenance Haircut

Tidy and low-maintenance short hairstyle for women
Back view of a low maintenance pixie
The fluffy volume on the crown softens the look of this tidy short haircut for women. Not only will it keep you from overheating on warm and sunny days; it brings all the attention to the face while being fairly low in maintenance and ultra flexible.
The smooth styling seen in this picture is the elegant version that shows off the fluid flow of the smooth layers and convinces with its silky shine.

Cute Short Hairstyle

Pixie cut with thick bangs and sideburns
Thick bangs have the flair of the famous mod style but the pointed sideburns lighten the top heaviness of this cute short hairstyle. The mass of hair is cut to thick, smooth layers in a bowl shape, but with a through and through graduated back. The warm brown lets her skin tone radiate and gives the pixie cut a great shine.

Wavy Fringe

Pixie haircut for wavy hair
A fun version of the cute short hairstyle with a lot of wave action in front. While the rounded silhouette was kept, it is the bangs were all the action is. Like ripples on water the S-shaped waves continue around the whole head in a balanced pattern.

Short Party Haircut

Short pixie hair styled for a party
No more neat lines, it is time to party! Frizzy and edgy lines play all over the head in little waves. The ends are smoothly textured what adds even more softness to this adorable short haircut.
With a little product and perhaps a natural curl this style is super easy to do. But even with all the fuzzy action it does need a great base cut to look this good.

Short 50s Haircut

Short 50s haircut with the bangs styled sideward
Another version of the cute short hairstyle takes us back to the late 1950s. It is, however, the fanned out sideburns that keep this charming short haircut grounded in modern style. Bangs are styled gently sideward while forming a straight line just a finger width above the eyebrows.
The secret of attraction here is again the movement caused by the gentle layers on the smooth surface of the hair.

Short Haircut for Men

Short men's haircut with a high pivot point
It looks like a short and sweet haircut for men, but has much dynamic and determination. From a high pivot point on the crown the layered and textured hair runs around the head in a rippled flow with hundreds of small waves that received a great definition with the help of a touch of styling product.

Smooth Layers

Short haircut with a soft flow for men
The previous short haircut for men in its toned down version with a little less definition but still a lot of movement. By switching from the sculpting product to just a shine enhancer the short hair flows much softer and gives him a very suave expression.

Slick Bangs

Slick styling for short men's hair
Taking it one step further the front part of the short haircut for men was now smoothed out to the max so that no waves are showing at all. The new neatness, however, is juxtaposed with a crest and back that are still full of motion and volume.
Hair: Carpy Coiffeur
Photos: © Filippe Darocha
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