SS2020 Hairstyles by Laetitia Guenaou

Short hairstyles
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Welcome to a world where beauty is queen. This summer short haircuts will reign together with long locks. Structured hair, fleetingly cropped, will be light and voluminous, all at the same time. Natural long hair with a sophisticated touch, 3D ponytails, suspended, aerial.
Laetitia Guenaou’s hairstyles and pixie cuts were gently kissed by luminous colors, where warm and cold exist together, transparent and in harmony... Dare to play with extremes, while keeping the perfect style. Make it evolve, make it move, in light, show the details and even the imperfections. For a moment in life. Different, every time.
Short cropped hair for women
Short cropped hair for summer - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Pixie cut with bangs
Pixie cut with bangs - Photo: Alex Czyba
Short haircut with a lot of volume
Short haircut with volume - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Voluminous short hair
Voluminous short hair - Photo: Alex Czyba
Pixie cut with messy styling
Messy pixie cut - Photo: Przemysław Choła
Pixie cut with volume paired with a turtleneck
Pixie cut with volume - Photo: Alex Czyba
Long hairstyle for summer
Long hairstyle for summer - Photo: Przemysław Choła
3D ponytail
3D ponytail - Photo: Przemysław Choła
High ponytail for summer days
High ponytail - Photo: Alex Czyba
Hair: Laetitia Guenaou
Make-up: Karolina Supernak
Stylist: Patrycja Dziewit
Photography: Przemysław Choła & Alex Czyba
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