Carpy Coiffeur

Hairstyles Spring Summer 08

Wearable modern hairstyles
Infusing modern elements in classic shapes is the season's recipe to fabulous modern hairstyles. Carpy Coiffeur takes basic shapes and lightens them up with new textures, varying lengths and precious colors.
Androgynous is the theme and you'll see many women sporting short haircuts and men with long and soft curls. At the same time the hair fashion playground between those extremes is wide and open. It invites to try out different textures, lengths and to push the hair color to its lustrous limit.
Carpy Coiffeur gives us a collection of very wearable modern hairstyles that all have their own individual character and a little edge to stand out in the crowd.

Bangs from Ear to Ear

Short haircut with bangs from ear to ear
Vinyl coat with an upturned collar paired with short hair
The fringe (bangs) of all fringes spans from one ear to the other and barely covers the eyebrows with its straight line. The edge is textured just a minimum to soften the line. Androgynous, modern and ready for the city.
This very short haircut keeps you cool in many aspects and is a masterful example of how beautiful simplicity can be. The hair color of dark espresso enhances the energy.

Retro Tomboy

Short haircut with a graduated neck and straight styling
The neat cutting lines of this short hairstyle and straight styling remind of 1930s boy cuts but have some added features that makes them trendy hits today. The gently graduated neck keeps the hair close to the scalp and sets the theme for the smooth roundness for the silhouette.
Cut-in sideburns use their sharp angle as a stylish contrast and the long fringe dominates the front. Ash blonde comes across as an understatement, however an eccentric one.


Blonde bowl cut with an ear to ear cutting line
Ear to ear haircut
Cool, unpredictable and strong yet at the same time playful, expressive and attractive is the language of this winning combination of a haircut, styling and hair color. The short ear to ear cutting line of the basic bowl cut is interrupted by textured strands of varying lengths that break up the strictness.
The surface shows strands styled against the grain that bring in modern movement and reflect the light in iridescent rays of style.

Bad Boy Appeal

Rugged hairstyle with varying lengths for men
With varying lengths, the fringe and the sides give this hairstyle a rugged and modern edge. With the smooth styling and the overall rounded silhouette the handsome hairstyle keeps a groomed appearance suitable for all occasions and surroundings.
Of course it also comes with innumerable styling options, and the dark hair color gives the men's look an extra dose of the bad boy appeal that we all love.

Face Framing Bob Hairstyle

Face framing brown bob with bangs
Face framing styles with deep bangs have been around for decades and are still a favorite of fashion. This dark chocolate colored medium long hairstyle has been softened and lightened with deep texture in the tapered section that begins right at chin length and reaches all the way to the collar bone.
Brow covering bangs bring the attention to the eyes, and high cheekbones are also emphasized.

Styled from Back to Front

Long blonde haircut with tapered sides
What a great way to frame a pretty face! Smooth, rounded lines flow together with heavily textured sections on the tapered sides of the long hair. Styled from the back to the front the volume is distributed well and a lot of momentum develops along the sides that are pulled towards the face. The hair color is a shiny medium blonde with a very natural sub and high tones.

Long Hair Look

Playful long blonde hair with soft texture
Even long hair can include some of the main fashion elements this season enchants us with. A deep fringe, asymmetry and lots of texture are all part of this feminine, playful hairstyle. The side part flows gently across the forehead in a modern diagonal direction.
Texture softens all lines and the lower third belongs to large whirling waves and tousled curls for an extra dose of attraction.

Short and Sporty Haircut

Sporty male low-maintenance haircut
Low-maintenance looks can still be stylish. His short and layered sporty haircut is easy on the eyes and also easy to live with. It gets its high fashion factor through the choppy texturing and varying lengths among the layers.
Styling can be towards the front, the back or just leaving it up to chance by scrunching the hair with a little product on the fingers.

Long Hair for Men with Curls

Long hair style for men with curls
Yes, men speak curly again and better than ever. More volume is secured with the right cut and the curls are well defined, styled and shiny. A high side part brings in fashionable asymmetry but keeps the hairstyle's volume distributed evenly around the head.
This long men's hairstyle is irresistibly bohemian and seductive. You don't have to be an artist to look like one.
Hair: Carpy Coiffeur
Photos: © Filippe Darocha & Mathieu Baumer
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