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Carpy Coiffeur

Hairstyles Spring Summer 2008

Infusing modern elements in classic shapes is the season's recipe to fabulous modern hairstyles. Carpy Coiffeur takes basic shapes and lightens them up with new textures, varying lengths and precious colors.
  • short haircut with a fringe
  • haircut with a graduated neck
  • blonde bowl cut
  • rugged hairstyle for men
  • face framing hairstyle
  • haircut with tapered sides
  • playful long hair
  • male low maintenance haircut
  • curls for men
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Androgynous is the theme and you'll see many women sporting short haircuts and men with long and soft curls. At the same time the hair fashion playground between those extremes is wide and open. It invites to try out different textures, lengths and to push the color to its lustrous limit.
Carpy Coiffeur gives us a collection of very wearable modern hairstyles that all have their own individual character and a little edge to stand out in the crowd.
Hair: Carpy Coiffeur
Photos: © Filippe Darocha
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