PUR by KLIPP Frisör

Pure and timeless hairstyles
The seven looks of the KLIPP trend collection "PUR" are natural and very attractive. The haircut, color, and styling of the looks are pure and timelessly beautiful. The basic yet sophisticated styles of the collection focus on the essentials and underline the type and personality of the wearer.
Classically timeless
A perfect haircut forms the basis for a perfect look with these very lively and clear styles. The personalization of the haircuts - whether long or very short - also gives individuality and emphasizes the personality. Short hair, bob variations, or very long hair appear pure and straightforward.
Naturally beautiful
Soft brown tones, real gray, and lively blonde hair colors present themselves in a very calm and harmonious way. Only a few light highlights set additional natural accents in the hair.
Simply alive
The informal and casual styling variants enchant with moving, lively hair. Flowing gentle waves or strong curls - both convey lightness and ensure an exciting, feminine look. For those who prefer something a bit cheeky yet still natural, a smart, confident short haircut is the right choice.
Look 1 - Naturally
Long copper brown hair with vivid waves
A long style that emphasizes the natural beauty of the hair. The vivid waves enhance the light reflections of the beautiful copper brown.
Look 2 – Feminine
Feminine long bob with open bangs
The long bob was styled with open bangs and a natural wave. The rich chestnut brown hair gives the look a modern and feminine elegance.
Look 3 - Confident
Long gray hair with permanent waves
Pure and clean are emphasized in this look. The long gray hair is not hidden, but set in a modern scene with permanent waves.
Look 4 - Wild
Short layered haircut with frayed bangs
With this layered haircut and frayed bangs, the personality of the wearer is particularly well expressed. This short cut is cheeky, very modern, and suitable for all ages.
Look 5 - Smart
Short on the sides hairstyle for men
A smart hairstyle for men that always works is to cut it short on the sides and with longer top hair. It's a simple strategy with maximum effect!
Look 6 – Enchanting
Comfortable bob haircut with bangs
The bob haircut is and will remain in trend. It was styled here with gentle bangs and a warm hazelnut brown hair color, making it casual and comfortable during the day and great for a night out.
Look 7 -Shiny
Long hair with crimped sections
The hair, gently straightened and naturally radiant in a honey blonde hue, is given a completely new dimension by the crimped sections.
Hairstyles: KLIPP Fashion Team
Creative Director: Mario Krankl
Photography: Gerhard Merzeder
Makeup: Alice Retzl
Outfits: Kleider Bauer
All photos ©KLIPP