Sensual Secrets by KLIPP Frisör

Mysterious hairstyles
With the trend collection Sensual Secrets, the KLIPP fashion team under the direction of hairdressing world champion and Goldwell brand ambassador Mario Krankl has once again proven its great craftsmanship.
The looks of this collection are very attractive and mysterious. The cuts, colors and styling are relaxed, natural and of timeless beauty. The basic - but still worked out to the last detail - hairstyles underline the personality of the wearer and focus on the essentials. The looks of this hairstyles collection exude elegance, naturalness and timeless beauty.
Whether a classic bob in ice-blonde, gentle beach waves with a balayage or a gender-neutral pixie cut, the styles of the collection have something for everyone.
Lily - Pixie meets soft highlights
Pixie cut with bangs
Feminine pixie cut with soft highlights
Short is beautiful! Lily 's gender-neutral pixie cut with bangs is very trendy this year. Soft highlights emphasize the very natural and authentic, yet still feminine look.
Styled with blow dryer and brush for a relaxed look with lots of movement.
Petra - Compact long bob in ice-blonde
Long blonde bob
Feminine blunt cut bob with waves
The bob is back! The ice-blonde long bob is compact and blunt cut to one length. Gentle waves were created with a curling iron, making the look very feminine and attractive.
The cool, icy blonde is classically beautiful and very clean.
Jan - Sporty shortcut
Sporty short haircut for men
Jan's sporty short haircut underlines his dynamic masculinity. His hair was cut short in the neck area and kept longer and textured on the top of his head.
The simple styling and the natural hair color are a perfect fit and emphasize Jan's smart appearance.
Karolina - Layered long hair with a natural balayage
Layered long hair with a balayage
Feminine long hair with layers
Magical attraction! Karolina's beautiful long hair was layered gradually and then colored with a gentle balayage.
The glossy caramel and honey create a unique play of colors in her hair and underline Karolina's femininity. Styled with large waves and curls for movement and naturalness.
Amanda - Perm in rich copper
Long copper hair with permed curls
Amanda's fiery locks emphasize her self-confident and uncomplicated personality.
For more volume and movement, the hair was layered gradually. The luminous rich copper hair color emphasizes the energetic wild style.
Sona – Hair pinned up in a bob
Hair pinned up into a fake bob
Long hair cut to one length forms the basis for this beautiful fake bob.
For extra volume, the hair was finely teased from the nape to the crown. The smooth top hair was then styled over it and tucked in at the hairline.
Hairstyles: KLIPP Fashion Team
Creative Director: Mario Krankl
Photography: Gerhard Merzeder
Makeup: Alice Retzl
All photos ©KLIPP