Black on Black by Mark Woolley

Feminine hairstyles
Black makes all other colors more intense and eliminates any kind of distraction. Black outfits and a black background are used to increase the boldness of the hairstyles in this collection to an even more dramatic level.
The platinum blondes, reds and highlighted browns seem to glow from the inside out with a radiance that does not have any competition, nor would it tolerate any.
Cuts and styling in Mark Woolley's Black on Black collection cover a large range of emotions from seductive to big, bold and rebellious. They are feminine, romantic and classy, each one with its own, strong personality.

Red, Long and Sleek Hair

Long red hair with angled layers
Simplicity can be as striking as this! The magic is in the lines and these are wonderfully arranged in a composition of balanced shape and intrigue. A clean side part separates long sections that fall straight and heavy with only minimal movement.
This hairstyle is about the shine and the color of the hair. In the lower part we see a large amount of texture cut into the angled layers. This is a nice contrast to all of the silky sleekness that is going on and makes the ends looking so very soft.

Short Bed Head Hairstyle

Bed head hairstyle for short blonde hair
Cute platinum blonde layers were cut with strong angles and fine texture in the tips. This way the hair falls into place all by itself and forms these stylish points. Lightness and much movement are another side effect from all of that texturizing.
The hair was combed to the front and within that movement is a second special effect with the overlapping layers going into slightly different directions. The fringe is styled to show of the angles for a stylish adventure.

Long Red Hair with Layers

Long red hair with layers and strong texture
Red and layered is the recipe for a major wow factor. Turn heads with a sexy mane and not just any mane. The texture in the long layers is heavy, but only in the lower half. The side part sits high and gives her hair its interesting asymmetry. The top section is styled close to her head with a face framing long fringe.
All is sleek and shiny down to her chin and that is where the real fun starts. The textured layers were styled with curved ends for a mega wispy effect. After creating the shape with heated styling tools the hair was mussed with the fingers to rub in the styling product and to enhance the wild effect. Spray makes it last.

Stylish Low Ponytail

Low ponytail placed over one shoulder
A great idea to update your ponytail. All of the hair was brought to the back and then bound to a low ponytail. This is then twirled and twisted around itself, you can separate it in a few thick strands for an even stronger result. The twists are then allowed to coil before the new structure is secured with a second elastic.
As a nice finish the final redhead ponytail is placed over one shoulder and the lower section is lightly twisted as well. Use a good amount of hairspray for hold and some shine spray for the luxurious shimmer.

Big Hair and Feathers

Big hair with colored feathers
A cloud of cotton candy made out of hair is pulling all the stops. Feeling extravagant and want to express your flamboyant self? Get out that styling comb and start teasing. Gentle backcombing will create the necessary lift and the gossamer fiber texture.
With the platinum blonde color the outcome is especially striking. Add colored feathers to kick it up even another notch. Here these are pink, but get creative and match them to your outfit, your lipstick or the color of your nail polish.

Short Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

Short blonde hairstyle that fits the hape of the head
This one fits like a glove! A great short haircut that is composed to flatter her features and to exactly fit the shape of her head. All the proportions are in harmony and softened with the fine texture that has been point cut into the tips.
The styling adds more interest by layering the hair towards the front and pulling a separate thin veil across from the back as well. Her cheekbones and eyes are beautifully highlighted with the shape of this hairstyle. Add some shine spray for special evening glam.

Long Bed Head Look Hair

Effortless bed head look for long hair
Tousle yourself beautifully. For big hair with much sex appeal there can never be enough movement and structure. Volume and loosely falling strands are created by blow drying the hair over the head after massaging a curl enhancing mousse into it. While drying the hair is kneaded and scrunched with the hands.
Shorter layers are used for the extra height on the crown where the hair was parted off center and piled high. A look with an attractive effortless feel and even after hours of dancing, it will still look perfect.

Updo with Sophistication

Updo with pinned up curly hair
Special nights call for extra special hairstyles and nothing makes us feel as beautiful as a great updo. Get your glam on with the high end elegance of pinned up curly hair. The hair is full of motion and the pins that were used are in the color of the hair, so that they become invisible.
Use a curling iron and molding paste to accentuate strands and to get the undulated shape. The top is shaped with a slight asymmetry and reaches as high as some teasing and a lot of hairspray will allow it.
Hair: Mark Woolley
Photography: Pete Webb @ Creative Wasp
Make-Up: Frances Brearley & Susan Wilding
Styling: Elaine Deed @ Joy Goodman