Neo Déco by Framesi

Hair fashion inspired by art déco
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The house of Framesi is known for exciting collections of hairstyles that are modeled after iconic styles of the past which have been revived and made contemporary with genial plays on their very nature, ironic exaggerations and creative experiments fueled by a passion for hair.
Once again the Italian masters of hair wow us with must have styles inspired by an earlier and vibrant period of fashion. Art Déco was known for its geometric shapes, revolutionary breaks with tradition and more liberties for each gender.
Women's hair became shorter, men's hair longer and all of them became stylish, expressive, out of the box and fun. Enjoy finding out more about these latest successes of the alchemists of hair fashion and get inspired to find a new look for yourself.
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Elegant Face Hugger

Short face hugging pageboy haircut
Geometry with sharp corners and 90 degree angles puts a hypnotizing allure in this vintage inspired short haircut. The page boy is as 1920s as the flapper fringe dress, but the new version made by Framesi takes the famous icon and reinvents it with new textures and hair colors for the demands and needs of modern women today.
Texture shapes the sides and visually separates the round top and the snug forward jutting sections which are also dipped in a radiant sunflower color on their corners. The wide bangs have the traditional length, halfway between the hair line and the eyebrows, but are shaped with a gentle curve. More texture is created on top by overlapping another layer of hair in a different direction.

Asymmetry with Quills

Short haircut with a combination of different lengths
No worries, these thorns won't hurt. The needle-fine strands that adorn her otherwise sleek and asymmetrical hairstyle are actually quite soft, but defy the pull of gravity with the help of a good styling product and just the right length to keep them light enough.
The short haircut features an interesting combination of lengths with a long, angled fringe that runs across her forehead and is the ideal companion for a feisty pout. You go, girl, and show the world what you are made off!

Sultry Fringe

Haircut with the fringe covering half of the face
A mysterious look, a not so shy smile and her face covered halfway by an XXL fringe - she knows how to flaunt her amazing new hairstyle. A short and layered section in the back of the crown brings the spice to the otherwise longer and sleek hair.
Deep texture keeps the edges light and gossamer soft. All of that great cutting and shaping would be nothing however without the hair color. Cafe au lait colored highlights come in wide streaks and alternate with the dark brown, illuminating the look and giving it big dimension.

Long Hair with Short Bangs

Vvery sleek long hairstyle
Bravo to Framesi for a daring and creative approach to make us rethink hairstyles that we got used to and to make us want to reinvent our long hair and after that our world. It all can start with the bangs. Call it the big bang of hair.
Nestled amidst long and ultra sleek hair that was given much movement all over and especially along the tapered sides, sits a tight, straight and dense statement of a fringe. The bold shape was softened by a slew of fine strands that fall as softly as a butterfly's wing.

Curls on the Side

Updo with tiny curls on the side
Afro style tiny curls are bundled on the side for a huge structure of kinky hair delight. Contrasted by the extremely sleek hair that clings to her head like heavy satin, the ball of fire appears very extravagant.
A hairstyle composed like a modern sculpture with the ideal balance of shape and a color that will burn hearts on its path.

Done - Undone Hairstyle

Done undone hairstyle for men with long hair
Who does not love the look of a man with a done - undone hairstyle... The secret is to always have a good cut and then to liberally tousle it. Rough layers give him a lot of texture and support the movement of his light natural wave.
The haircut is basically round with an oval shape around the head. A long fringe and a long neck with much texture and of course the stubble beard adds to the intrigue. Watch out girls...

Neat and Quirky Retro Style

Neat male haircut with clipper cut sides
It takes a good sense of style and humor together with a handsome face to pull of a striking look like this 1950s inspired hairstyle. The famous quiff is exaggerated with a fun upward flip and the clipper cut sides are as neat and short as they can be.
All of the longer top hair is combed forward to culminate in the spectacular wave. All of the energy of the surge sits in the eye catcher of this look, the tiny sharp point. Let's go surfing!
Hair: Framesi
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