Mars Mania by Klaus Peter Ochs

Hair in our future life on Mars
With an eternal fascination for the planet Mars, and more recently with greater exploration underway and doors opening to a possible colony, Klaus Peter Ochs imagines the future of hair and hairstyles in our future life on Mars.
Soon, it will not be just astronauts, engineers, and billionaires traveling to Mars, but also normal civilians.
"Puristic and Avant-Garde" are the inspirations for these exciting hairstyles. Finger waves, curls, extensions, and hair crimping give a new life and a touch of wilderness and nature.
Long hairstyle for men with blonde hair
Long Blonde Hair for Men
Black woman with short blonde hair and finger waves
Short Hair with Finger Waves
Black woman with long wilde hair and bangs
Wild Hair with Long Bangs
Long reddish hair with curls
Long Reddish Hair with Curls
Long and blonde crimped hair
Long Blonde Hair with Crimping
Futuristic long blonde hair
Futuristic Long Blonde Hair
Futuristic hairstyle
Futuristic Long Hairstyle
Woman with a futuristic shaved head and Mohawk headdress
Futuristic Shaved Head and Mohawk Headdress
Futuristic bald woman with a Mohawk headdress
Futuristic Bald Woman with a Mohawk Headdress
Futuristic man with very long hair
Futuristic Man with Very Long Hair
Hairstyles: kpOchs